• Warehouse: Distribution Center online catalog

    The online catalog details items available in the Distribution Center. It provides the stock number, detailed description, unit of measure and photos of items organized by areas of usage. The stock number is used to order the item on the Ties system. The unit of measure is how item(s) are distributed, i.e. each, pack, etc). Items in the Online catalog are currently being stocked in the Distribution Center and are updated daily to reflect current inventory. Questions about items or catalog can be directed to Mandy Hansen at 763-506-1304.


    Printable order form

  • General pricing information

    This pricing is updated on the first of each month. Prices can change on a daily basis. Please use the pricing as a guideline and not as final dollar amounts.

    Warehouse transfer request form

    Form to be used for the request of items for pickup and delivered from site to site within the district. .

    Surplus furniture, equipment, supplies and materials form 

    Disposing of supplies, materials, furniture, or equipment

    State laws govern the disposal of equipment and other property that has been purchased using public dollars. Supplies, materials, furniture, or equipment that are no longer needed, or obsolete, must go through the district surplus process.  

    When possible, items should first be made available to other sites across the district.

    To streamline the disposal process, a Surplus Form has been created. If assistance is needed, please contact the Warehouse Supervisor. If an item has an asset tag, Denise Zurbey must be notified and provided with the barcode number.

    After the surplus form is received, the District Warehouse will post the items on the district auction website (publicsurplus.com) for 21 days. If there is available space in the District Warehouse, a pickup will be made from the site for the surplus items. Once the auction closes, the site contact will be notified regarding any next steps required in the process (coordination of pickup or disposal).

    If items are damaged and hold no perceivable market value they may be exempt from this process, please contact the Warehouse Supervisor for review. Devices (computers, tablets, laptops) utilize a separate process that can be found here: Device Disposal

    Pursuant to Anoka-Hennepin Schools policy 811.0

    Surplus Form