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    My name is Ebenezer Flomo, a first-year teacher at CRHS. I teach World History, African American History and Geography. I am an immigrant from Liberia, West Africa. I have been in the United States since 2005 and I am married. I went through 14 years of civil war in Liberia and lost my mom, aunts, best friends and other family members. I was almost killed during the war.


    Education wasn’t easy in Liberia during my school days and it still isn’t easy after the civil war and Ebola. This is why my wife and I have been investing in Liberia’s children and youth through education and Agriculture. Since 2014, we have shipped over 50,000 textbooks to more than 27 public and private schools in Liberia. We built a playground in one of the communities, a study center equipped with books and a few computers for after school learning, and a radio station to reach our listeners with educational messages. We are also investing in Liberia’s economy by opening one of the biggest cocoa farms in the country. The cocoa farm, which employs mostly young adults who are otherwise unemployed, currently stands at 104,000 cocoa trees, covering more than 160 acres.


    I earned my bachelor's degree in Sociology in Liberia and I have recently completed my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Augsburg University.  I hope that my knowledge and experiences will guide me as we seek to prepare our students to be future leaders and make the world better. I am very excited to have your students in my class and to witness their growth. Together we can help your child achieve success!

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