• Head Coach 

    Mal Edwards
    CRHS Office Number 763-506-7230
    Cardinal Coaching Staff
    James "JT" Taylor
    Russ Sullivan
    Randy Rasmussen
    Anthony Satchel
    Jessie Kukuroboman
    Darron Sherrill
    Mike Weber
    Arthur Crutch
    Titus Bates
    Travis Ness
    Nick Plankers
    Dorbor Cooper
    Strength and Conditioning
    Eric Harrison
    Nick Trujillo
  • Description

    The Cardinals have received a bye to the second round first home game October 28th at 3pm in Cardinal Stadium.

  • Booster club info 

    Please note, the link above lead to pages off of the Anoka-Hennepin website. It is not sponsored by the school or district in any fashion.