• Hi!
    I grew up in Minnesota and graduated from Irondale High School many years ago :).   I earned my BA in Social Studies Education from Bethel College and then did Masters work at the University of Minnesota and  became licensed in the areas of learning disabilities and emotional/behavior disorders.
    My first teaching job was in Rush City, MN as a level IV EBD teacher and then I went off to the wilds of Alaska to be a special education teacher in small Eskimo villages.  Later I moved to larger areas of Alaska where I stayed for 14 years teaching special education and psychology classes.
    I moved back to Minnesota and taught one year at Oakview Middle School (8th grade geography) before moving over to Coon Rapids High School.  I currently am employed in my dream teaching job of teaching psychology and U.S. History!
    When not working I love traveling with my family, reading, gardening and following my kids sports activities.
    Kim Shostak
    U.S. History, Psychology, AP Psychology 
    Coon Rapids High School
    2340 Northdale Blvd,
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1  Tri 2  Tri 3
     Period 1 AP Psychology I AP Psychology I Psychology II
     Period 2 PREP PREP PREP
     Period 3 Psychology I US History B Psychology II
     Period 4 Psychology I US History B Psychology I
     Period 5 Psychology I US History B Psychology I