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Middle, high schools host multicultural events featuring song and dance reflective of their student groups

(02/28/2020) Anoka-Hennepin secondary students in both middle and high schools participate in various multicultural events throughout the school year. On Feb. 25, Coon Rapids High CRHS multicultural event School - Center for Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (CRHS) hosted its annual event, performing three times during the school day.

The events provide students from all backgrounds the opportunity for a shared experience. The goal is to increase student understanding, awareness, and knowledge about diversity by allowing diverse students the opportunity to work with each other on projects and activities in a group setting.

“Student Achievement Advisors (SAA) help organize events in all of the buildings in our district,” said Renee Snow, SAA at CRHS. “Giving students the opportunity to express aspects of their culture that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do, is a really powerful experience.”

During the multicultural events, students choose different ways to express themselves and teach others about their culture primarily through dance, music, or spoken word.

“Our students come from so many backgrounds and we want to provide them with the opportunity to express and learn about themselves and where they come from,” Snow said.

Through song and dance, students at CRHS displayed a sense of accomplishment and pride while performing on Feb. 25.

“There is so much more our students have to offer and giving them this day to showcase their pride and their talents — it is a really unique opportunity,” Snow said. “I am amazed at how multi-faceted our students are and it was really fun to see how the staff and students supported them.”


Watch the CRHS multicultural event.