• What is Advanced Math?

    This course is offered to 7th and 8th grade students that are significantly above grade level and is a guided independent study course where students are encouraged to work at their own pace and are allowed to move as quickly and as far as desired through the mathematics coursework, beginning with Intermediate Algebra progressing through Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Probability and Statistics. The main objectives of this course are to develop independent learners, efficient problem solvers, and effective communicators of mathematics. As students complete the courses of Intermediate Algebra and beyond, honors high school credit will be awarded.

    How is Advanced Math different from a traditional math class?

    The main difference is learning styles. In a traditional math class, the teacher teaches the same lesson to the whole class, the whole class does the same homework, and everybody moves at the same pace. In Advanced Math, students are allowed to work at their own pace, thus potentially covering more courses. Students are also exposed to lots of problem solving content and cover text material in more depth. Students in an advanced math class must be motivated, work hard and enjoy working independently.


    Students must meet certain deadlines through out the trimester.  Students will be given weekly and trimester calendars to help them plan and set goals.  Students need to complete at least one section a day (one homework section using the required problem sheet or a quiz or test). Students are expected to turn in all projects and "Problem of the Weeks" on time.

    Students must demonstrate mastery of material with a B (80%) or better on all tests and quizzes before moving on. If students need to take a test over, they can take just the section of the test they had difficultly with and receive half credit on the problems they get correct, which then will be added to the first test score. Failure to meet these requirements will result in parents being contacted and the placement of the student will be re-evaluated. 

    For all courses, students will receive high school credit and the grade for that course will go on your high school transcript no matter what grade you are in now. So a 7th grader who completes Honors Intermediate Algebra will receive high school credit and the grade will go on his high school transcript.
    Required Materials: (to bring to class every day):

    1.) Three ring binder (1/2 to 1 1/2 inches)
    2.) Loose leaf notebook paper
    3.) Spiral Notebook which will fit in binder for notes (can also use loose leaf paper)
    4.) Pencil or pen
    5.) Scientific calculator *
    6.) $4.00 for Notetaking Guide Workbook (Optional for Algebra 1, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2)
    7.) $8.00 for Flexbooks (Strongly encouraged for Honors Intermediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra and Probability and Statistics.)
    *Students are will be using graphing calculators in all of these courses.  Students do not have to necessarily buy their own graphing calculator - I have TI-84's that students may check out for the year. However, if students want to buy their own graphing calculator, I suggest that you by a TI-84. This one is expensive but students will be able to use it in high school.


    Students will be assessed based on quizzes, tests, projects, homework, which includes Problem of the Weeks, and common course assessments.  80% of final grade will be based on quizzes, tests, and projects. 10% will be on homework and problem of the weeks and 10% on summative common assessments.


    Grading Scale:

    A = 90 -100%
    B = 80 -89%
    C = 70 - 79%
    D = 60 - 69%
    F = Below 60%
    I = Incomplete

    Contact Information:

    Room: J150
    Phone number: 763-506-3966
    e-mail: belinda.eerdmans@ahschools.us
    I will be available for extra help in the morning before school (7:45), after school and during advisory.  Students need to make prior arrangements with me.