• Honors Intermediate Algebra

    Welcome!  I am extremely excited about this school year and am dedicated to doing my best in helping each student have a positive mathematics experience.

    Topics to be covered this year:

    *Linear Programming
    *Exponential Functions
    *Solving Quadratics
    *Square Root Functions and Radical Equations
    *Polynomials and Cubic Functions
    *Absolute Value Functions

    Required Materials:

       -Flexbook - one per trimester. Students will be issued a book from their teacher.  Students will be writing in their book.
       -Pencil and pen
       -Spiral Notebook
       -Pocket Folder
       -Scientific Calculator * (example: TI-34 or TI-36)
             *Students are encouraged to purchase their own graphing calculator.  I recommend a TI-84 Plus.  If this is not an option, we do have some calculators that students may check out.
      -Estimated time to be spent on homework each night = 30 to 40 minutes


       Students will be assessed on homework/learning target checks, class work, and projects, which will be worth 10% of their grade.  Quizzes and tests will be worth 80% of their grade.  The District Summative assessment will be worth 10% of their grade.  All assignments are due the next day.
       Since Intermediate Algebra is an above grade level course for 7th and 8th grade students and is critical for laying the foundation for remaining high school mathematics courses, it is strongly recommended that any student who does not demonstrate proficiency repeat the course.  This would be based on common assessment performance (not demonstrating proficiency of 70% or higher on both of the District Common Assessments) and teacher recommendation based on classroom assessment data.
       Students will be receiving high school credit for Honors Intermediate Algebra for this course and their grades will go on their high school transcript and will become part of their high school GPA.

    Contact Information:

    Room: J150 
    Phone number: 763-506-3966
    e-mail: belinda.eerdmans@ahschools.us
    I will be available for extra help in the morning before school, after school and during advisory.  Students need to make prior arrangements with me.