• Why have an Advanced Math Class? 

    What the Research Says:

    Common Myth #1 Gifted students respond equally well to the same curriculum.
    What Research Tells Us: Gifted students are a varied group with respect to their interests. The curriculum for the students should reflect this diversity of talent.

    Common Myth #2 The best way to challenge mathematically talented students is to have them skip a grade and study the regular textbook in the regular classroom.
    What Research Tells Us: Although skipping a grade is beneficial for some students, the pace of the regular classroom will still be too slow for the gifted student. Gifted math students learn at a rate at least 4 times faster than an average student. They benefit from an individualized approach.

    Common Myth #3 Students-even those who are mathematically talented- shouldn’t study algebra until eighth or ninth grade.
    What Research Tells Us: Researchers have discounted this developmental aspect by discovering students who are ready for algebra as early as grades 5 or 6 and a few well before grade 5.

    Best Practices for Mathematically Gifted Students:
    -Content taught 2 to 3 times faster than the normal class pace for optimal retention
    -Provide the opportunity for discovery learning
    -Allow for self structured, self imposed deadlines
    -Provide open ended tasks
    -Provide one-on-one tutoring with a focus on advancing not remediating knowledge
    -Train students in using higher order thinking skills -Provide opportunities for students to work with true peers.

    Sources: Research-Based “Essentials” of Gifted Education Services, By- Karen B. Rogers, Ph.D., University of St. Thomas
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