Advertising and Sales

  • Course Title: Advertising and Sales (Articulated College Credit)

    Intended Audience: Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12

    Credit: One trimester = .5 credit

    Major Outcomes:

    • Launch an advertising campaign for an existing business

    • Write television commercials, radio advertisements, create billboards, and promote mobile apps for an existing business

    • Master the selling process to gain an entry-level sales position

    • Understand consumer thinking through the selling process

    Projects, activities, etc.:   You and your team have been approached by a real business that needs help.  Develop and pitch an advertising campaign so that business can be successful in attracting new customers.  Everyone sells!  Learn the eight steps of the sale and use those skills to help get your first job.

    Instructional Focus: Industry based examples, project-based learning, important job-based skills, hands-on activities

    Co-curricular Connection: DECA

    Articulated Credit: Click here
    College Credit: Students must meet a 85% benchmark throughout the secondary trimester course to earn an articulated credit
    Credit Recommendation:
    3 credit semester hours in Professional Selling (BUSN 1149), Introduction to Selling (BUSN 1020), or Professional Selling (BUSN 2252)
    List of Cooperating Colleges: Click Here

    Sales Certificate of Achievement
    If a student averages an 89% or higher between their two sales demonstrations they will earn a Sales Certificate of Achievement that is aligned in accordance with the Minnesota High School DECA excellent rating. 
    Uses of the certificate:
    • Resume Builder
    • Provides Employers Proof of Skills 
    • College Applications
    • Scholarship Applications
    • Confidence Builder

      2019-2020 Advertising and Sales Certificate Recipents