• Painting I

    Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12.

    Credit: One term/1/2 credit

    Prerequisite: None *****

    Course Description:

    This is a studio course that emphasizes learning basic painting techniques and design skills. The course is designed to help students develop confidence, skills, and techniques in painting and design.


    Emphasis will be placed upon learning to control paint, techniques/styles, and color theory, as well as learning basic related art history, aesthetics and art criticism.  Design will be integrated through the elements and principles of art and their use as applied to course painting assignments.


    Course Content:

    Painting I will include units on design, color theory, watercolor, and acrylic, along with relevant art history.

    Skill building assignments will be given, in addition to planning work checked.


    Topics covered will include:

    Design principles and the elements of art.  Students will use these ideas and vocabulary throughout the course.

    Color Theory – effective creation and use of color

    Watercolor  - mixing and value, techniques, perspective/space

    Acrylic – mixing and value, brush techniques

    Good Studio Practices – clean-up, safety, working together


    Each topic will be covered in class and become either a major project or minor class painting assignment.


    Students will be encouraged to become creative thinkers, and to put personal effort into their work while still meeting creative and technical goals.  Artistic content and art work varies from person to person; my goal is to create an environment where students feel comfortable creating personal work that makes a statement or sends the viewer a message.



    Course Requirements:

    Class attendance is very important.  Class participation is required.  This is a lab class; to be successful it is important that you arrive to class on time, ready to work.  Students who miss a class can anticipate working additional time on their project before, after, or outside of school to make up missed class time.


    Everyone is capable of learning how to paint.  Practice and a positive attitude will ensure success.


    Materials and Classroom:

    Students will always need a pencil and eraser.

    Students will be provided with any specialty materials needed to complete projects.  These materials will be for classroom use and may be available for check out if a student has been absent and needs to complete an assignment outside of class.


    We will work in community to keep the classroom in neat working order.  Students will be responsible to gather and return any supplies needed for the day.  They will also be required to keep the classroom and tables clean.


    Clean-up procedures will begin each day five minutes before the end of the class period.  Students will then wait for dismissal at their assigned table, NOT at the door.


    Be respectful of other student’s work, belongings, and space.  Destruction or defacement of school or personal property will result in disciplinary action.


    Grading Procedures:

    Each assignment will have specific technical requirements and a design problem to complete.  Students will need to combine required elements along with their own idea to create an original piece of work.  Focus on creativity, technique, and craftsmanship will be required for all assigned work.


    Students will be provided with all project specific grading criteria prior to beginning work on an assignment.  Projects will be graded on Composition (use of space), Craftsmanship (use of material & techniques), and Expressive Qualities (problem solving, creativity, and risk taking). Grading sheets will provide the needed parameters for the assignment as well as include a required self-evaluation and reflection for the project. 

    All major projects assigned must be completed in order to pass this class.


    Grades will be calculated according to the following scale:


                A  90-100%

                B  80-89%

                C  70-79%

                D  60-69%

                F   0-59%


    All assignments and projects will have due dates.  On the project’s due date, students will need to turn in both the evaluation sheet and project for full credit.  Students handing their work in on time, regardless of the assignment’s completion, will be allowed to rework a project, on their own time, for a new grade if they are not happy with their first grade.