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    I've been working with Middle School age students for over 26 years, and teaching in the classroom for over 15 years. I am excited to be starting my 7th year at Coon Rapids Middle School. The middle school years are a great time to teach, learn and do science.   We will work hard, build new skills, learn new things and have a little fun!  
    In my free time I like to paddle my canoe, play my ukulele, shoot my bow, and spend time with my family.  Other than teaching middle schoolers science, I have also been an aquatic biologist, naturalist, and an archery instructor/coach. 
    At CRMS the last couple of Springs I have been the leader of the Fishing Club.  We learn about Minnesota's aquatic and fishing resources and then spend a couple of afternoons fishing at Crooked Lake.  We have had great support from the CRMS Administration and hope to continue to offer this fun spring time activity.
    This year I am teaching 4  6th Grade Science Classes and 1   7th Grade Science Class.
    The 6th Grade Science Team is working on a Web Page that will provide resources, links, and more information to help all our students in their success.  Please check the 6th Grade Science page as we will make updates as time progresses.  Students and parents can also look to other 6th Grade Science Teacher web pages for helpful links.
    The same advice is helpful for 7th Grade Science Students.  When needing help look for links on other 7th Grade Science Teachers webpages.  There are many helpful links just a few keystrokes away.
    If you are finding that your student needs extra help or you would like to meet with me, I will be available most days after school. It helps to know in advance just in case I might have an after school appointment.  Please call or email as well with your questions and students needs and I'll do my best to get back to you so we can work together towards your students success.
    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth. Together we can help your child achieve success! 
    Michael Horak
    Middle School Science
    Coon Rapids Middle School 
    11600 Raven St NE  Coon Rapids MN 55433
  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1  AM Breakfast Duty 8-8:20   Day 2  
     CORE CORE     Rm. 174 CORE      Rm.  174
     Period 1 Prep  Prep
     Period 2  Prep CT
     Period 3 6th Grade Science    Rm. 171 6th Grade Science   Rm. 171
     Period 4  6th Grade Science   Rm. 171 6th Grade  Science   Rm. 171
     Period 5 7th Grade  Science   Rm. 171 7th Grade Science    Rm. 171
     Period 6 6th Grade Science   Rm. 219 6th Grade Science    Rm. 219
    Period 7 6th Grade Science    Rm. 291 6th Grade Science    Rm. 219