• We often have students (and parents) ask the question, "Where do you go for help?" 


    It is the vision of CRMS counselors to educate and counsel all students through a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities, ensuring all students are supported through the use of a multi-tiered support system. Counselors will encourage ownership in student progress to becoming lifelong learners that will positively impact their future. 

    The mission of CRMS counselors is to effectively educate all students for success in their own personal growth, social/emotional development, academic and college/career readiness to enter high school and beyond.

    The School Counseling Department is accountable for:

    • providing a caring and safe environment that is developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive through implementation of classroom lessons, small groups and individual counseling. 
    • using data to drive effective activities for academic success and personal growth
    • connecting students with appropriate resources within the school and community
    • advocating  for all students academic, social and emotional needs by collaborating with teachers, administration and other school staff as well as partnering with parents/guardians to fully support students needs and achievement 
    • accessing professional development,  following ethical standards, and using data to implement and direct school counseling programming

    Note: We may be unavailable during the school day to answer incoming calls because of previously scheduled appointments, meetings, testing, and counseling sessions. It is our goal to answer our voice mail or email messages within 24/48 hours. If you prefer to meet with one of us, please call us to set up an appointment. We look forward to working with you!


    We are located just down the hall from the main office. Students may make appointments to see us by stopping in and filling out a request form. Parents may also call us to set up an appointment.