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    About Mrs. Schmid

          Hello, my name is Katherine Schmid (formerly Ms. Nelson), this will be my 4th year working in the Anoka-Hennepin district, teaching 6th and 7th grade art at Coon Rapids Middle School. I also co-run the after school Art Club at CRMS. I received my Bachelors of Science in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin Stout, graduating magna cum laude on December 13th of 2014. My husband and I live in Maple Grove Minnesota with our dog Emma. I enjoy drawing, doing photography in my spare time, going to the north shore, working with animals, and just being outdoors as much as possible!

    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth. Together we can help your child achieve success! 
    Katherine Schmid
    6th & 7th grade Art
    Coon Rapids Middle School
    11600 Raven Street NW, Coon Rapids MN, 55433 
  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1   Day 2
     Period 1 Prep Prep
     Period 2  Art 7 Art 7
     Period 3 Art 7 Art 6
     Period 4  CT Time/Lunch Art 7/Lunch
     Period 5 Art 6  Prep
     Period 6 Art 6 Art 7
     Period 7 Art 6 Art 6 
  • Art Grading Scale for Assignments and Projects

    Final Grade will be based on:

    80% Summative Projects 

    10% Summative Assignments

    10% Common Sumative Assessment

    Formative Activities will not count as part of the total grade.

    We will use a "Holistic" Grading System

    4 (100%) - Exceeds Criteria

    3 (90%) - Meets Criteria

    2 (80%) - Partially Meets Criteria

    1 (70%) - Does Not Meet Criteria

    "I" for incomplete (50%)

    "M"  for missing or not turned in work (0%)

    There is no Extra Credit but students can re-attempt a project to increase their grade

    No letter grade except for the final grade

    No points will be take away for late work