• We look forward to teaching your student about United States History this year! 

    Feel free to reference our Syllabus for course and contact information.

    7th Grade U.S. Studies Grading Information:
    70%  Summative Assessments-Items that demonstrate student learning such as unit tests, quizzes or projects.
    20%  Formative Learning Activities-Practice leading up to the summative assessments such as daily activities, reading, study guides, discussions, etc.
    10%  District Common Summative Assessment-Assessment given to EVERY 7th grader across the district that encompasses all learning from that trimester.

    Grades are defined by the following language-
    "A" Range- Advanced Level of Understanding
    "B" Range- Beyond Basic Level of Understanding
    "C" Range- Basic Level of Understanding
    "D" Range- Not Yet Achieved a Basic Level of Understanding or Incomplete
    "M"- Missing

    Check out some of these links to learn more about Minnesota, the USA or the world! 

       - Practice maps of the USA and World at ilike2learn.com 
       - This History Channel has some interesting articles and videos to check out.
       - Public Television has some good resources that highlight Minnesota and US History.