•          Hello!  My name is Ms. Hutchens and I will be your math teacher!  It is my absolute pleasure to have been hired at Coon Rapids Middle School.  Previously, I have taught in Anoka, Nicaragua, Andover, St. Cloud, and Milaca. 

             My parents reside in St. Cloud.  My father is a retired elementary school teacher and my mother is a retired legal secretary.  I have an older brother, an older sister, and six nieces and nephews. 

             I own a home in Blaine.  I am single, a foster parent, and owner of the cutest dog, Rookie and a loveable cat Layla.  I volunteer weekly in the student ministries at Eagle Brook Church.  In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball and disc golf.  I also enjoy messaging with my friends in Nicaragua, fishing, reading, and watching movies/TV. 

             I have dreamed of becoming a teacher and following in my father’s footsteps ever since I was a little girl watching him correct papers.  It looked really fun!  I love to teach and am proud to be a teacher.  We are going to have an exciting class, and you are going to have the most memorable year you have ever had; as a result, you will do very well!        

             I am excited to be working with the Coon Rapids mathematicians!

    Ms. Hutchens  
    Stephanie Hutchens
    Grade 6-8/Mathematics 
    Coon Rapids Middle School 
    11600 Raven Street Northwest, Coon Rapids, MN 55433   
  • Teaching Schedule:

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    8:25 – 8:49

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    9:43 – 10:29

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    11:23 – 12:09

    12:13- 12:59

    1:29 – 2:15

    2:19 – 3:05

    Room 153

    Room 153

    Room 153


     Room 155

    Room 153

    Room 153

    Room 153

    8th grade

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    Middle School Algebra 8

     Middle School Algebra 8

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