Marketing and Management Seminar and Internship

  • Course Title: Marketing and Management Seminar and Internship (Nocti Exam)


    2019-20 Operations Managerss  

    Intended Audience: Grade 12

    High School Credit: Three trimesters = 1.5 credits
    Major Course Outcomes:

    • Initiative and self-direction

    • Critical Thinking and Problem solving

    • Communication and collaboration

    • Financial Literacy

    • Creativity and innovation

    Projects, activities, etc.: Take on the role of designer, buyer, advertiser, and sales person; then create, order, market, and sell your product.  Prepare yourself for a real job interview.  Learn about how to manage your personal finances.  Work in an internship with local business professionals to gain experience, knowledge and skills that will benefit your future education and career.  
    Co-curricular Connection: DECA

    Nocti Exam: Click Here
    College Credit:
    Students must meet a 70% benchmark on the final Retail Merchandising Nocti Exam
    Credit Recommendation: In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 3 semester hours in Retail or Retail Merchandising
    List of Cooperating Colleges: Click Here

    Quotes from Seniors:

    "I feel like I've made a new family! I can't imagine what my future would have been without this class."
    -Leah Mau, Class of 2017
    "Working at the Cardinal Image has been an amazing experience, it's taught me so many skills but also introduced me to some great friends."
    -Hayley Severson, Class of 2015
    "Internship changed the way I look at my future.  Mr. Bodenburg really helped me through DECA, and pushed me to succeed."
    -Emily Levercom, Class of 2016
    "Internship is an opportunity to improve your business skills and meet with people."
    -Mark Daml, Class of 2016 
    "Internship has helped me become a leader."
    -Allie Ulness, class of 2017

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