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    I have taught in the Anoka Hennepin School District for 31 years as a P.E. and Health Teacher.  This will be my 20th year teaching Health at CRMS!  I love teaching 6th grade health because it is a new class for 6th graders and there are so many new things to learn! The topics we teach are relevant to a middle school student's life and skills they can apply in their future!
    I am also a huge dog lover and have 4 dogs of my own. I have also fostered 17 dogs over past 5 years and love to advocate for animals. It is really fun for my students and I to exchange stories about our pets! 
    Thank you for supporting your child's education! I am excited to work with your 6th grader and watch their growth this year. Together we can help your child achieve success! 
    Below is information on Standards based grading:

    Health Standards Based Grading

    Health teachers will use a standards-based grading system that focuses on the most important standards and benchmarks as determined by the National Health Standards.  Students’ knowledge and performance will be evaluated using a 4, 3.5, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, .5 proficiency scale that will allow parents, students, and others to determine what a student knows and can do. Daily practice may be noted in the gradebook, but may not be factored into the final course grade. This reflects the belief that students should be graded on what they know and can do based on multiple opportunities to showcase proficienciency. 


    District Message Regarding Standards Based Grading 


    SBG Parent Directions


    Gradebooks open all year:

     Important gradebook difference:

    Standards based grading is different from traditional grading in that students may continue to work on a standard or benchmark throughout the year. Often, teachers will introduce a benchmark in one trimester, and then continue to refine it throughout the year as skills progress until proficiency is reached.  You may notice that your child’s gradebook will remain “open” throughout the year so that proficiency can be tracked and a final score given once the student has met the benchmark.

    Ms. Deden  
    Jill Deden
    6th grade Health
    Coon Rapids Middle School
    11600 Raven St. N.W.
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433 
  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1   Day 2
     Period 1 CT CT
     Period 2 Prep Prep
     Period 3 6th grade Health    6th grade Health  
     Period 4 6th grade Health   B Lunch Duty
     Period 5 6th grade Health   6th grade Health  
     Period 6 6th grade Health  6th grade Health  
     Period 7 6th grade Health  6th grade Health