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    Welcome to our Classroom Website
    Here are some basic facts about Mr. Kuntz.
    This is his 18th year teaching at CRMS. He also taught at OVMS for 3 years.
    Teaches in Room 162 at CRMS. 
    Mr. Kuntz will be teaching Art 6 and Art 8 classes this year at CRMS. 
    Has coached with the Wrestling and Track Teams at CR Middle School.

    Some more facts about Mr. Kuntz.
    I was born in Minnesota, but grew up in Wisconsin. I graduated from Beaver Dam High School. I was an exchange student to Mexico for a year, then attended the University of Minnesota. I am fluent in Spanish. I taught at L O Jacob Elementary as the Art Teacher for three years in the late 1980's. I taught at Forest Lake and then in Minneapolis before I came to Coon Rapids Middle School. From 2010 -2013, I taught at Oak View MS as well!
    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth. Together we can help your child achieve success! 
    Mark Kuntz
    Art 6 and 8 at CRMS
    11600 Raven Street NW
    Coon Rapids, MN 55433
    Preferred contact method is email-  mark.kuntz@ahschools.us
  • Teaching Schedule 2017- 2018:
      Day 1    Day 2
     Period 1  Art 6   
     Period 2   Art 8
     Period 3 Art 8   
     Period 4    Art 6
     Period 5  Art 6  Art 6
     Period 6  Art 6  Art 6
     Period 7 Art 6 Art 8 
  • Art Grading Scale for Assignments and Projects

    Final Grade will be based on 70% Summative Projects scores, 20% Summative Assignments and 10% Common Sumative Assessment. Formative Activities will not count as part of the total grade.

    We will use a "Holistic" Grading System using a 4(100%), 3(90%), 2(85%), and 1(75%) scale. 4 is the top score. There will also be an "i" for incomplete(60%) and an "m" (50%) for missing or not turned in work.

    4 = Mastery

    3= Proficient

    2= Developing

    1= Basic

    There is no Extra Credit.

    No letter grade until the final grade.

    No points lost for late work.