• Course Units:
    Trimester 1- Nature of Science & Engineering, Diversity of Life
    Trimester 2- Cells, Genetics, Evolution
    Trimester 3- Human Body, Ecology
    Grading Breakdown:
    Advanced Life Science 7-
    Assessments 60%
    Projects 20%
    Daily Work 10%
    Common Summative Assessment (CSA) 10%
    Regular Life Science 7-
    Assessments 70%
    Daily Work 20%
    Common Summative Assessment (CSA) 10%
    Assessments consist of unit quizzes and unit tests that are taken individually in class.
    Daily Work consists of a variety of practice items, such as labs and homework.
    Common Summative Assessment (CSA) consists of the district final test taken at the end of the trimester.