• Hospitality and Tourism
    Intended Audience: Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12
    Credit: One trimester = 0.5 credit
    Major Outcomes:
    • Perform event planning in the
    Hospitality Sector
    • Business to business selling
    • Travel and Tourism Bureau rebranding
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Communication and Collaboration
    Projects, Activities, etc.: Take on the role of a
    sales manager at a major hotel and develop
    events that will engage 300 people arriving
    for a special event. You have been hired to
    rebrand a city’s Travel and Tourism Department
    and creatively market the city as a
    tourist destination.
    Instructional Focus: Industry based examples,
    project-based learning, important
    job-based skills, hands-on activities
    Co-curricular Connection: DECA