• Marketing [AC]
    Intended Audience: Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12
    Credit: One trimester = 0.5 credit
    Major Outcomes:
    • Development, extension, and growth
    of a new product brand
    • Creation and execution of a marketing
    survey to the school population
    • Innovative business skills
    • Bolstered problem solving and
    communication skills
    Projects, Activities, etc.: Develop a new
    brand and learn what needs to happen
    for this brand to be successful in the
    marketplace. You and your team can
    solve a major problem by administering
    a survey, organizing the data and making
    recommendations to address the issue.
    Instructional Focus: Realistic projects,
    Team-based learning, Collaborative
    assignments, hands-on activities
    Co-curricular Connection: DECA