• Coon Rapids Middle School has a program called Targeted Services which offers specialty programs before and after school.  Each program offered is unique and provides students with different growth opportunities and experiences.
    Some of the benefits from our programming include; academic support, confidence building, and teamwork skills.
    In these before and after school programs students are also able to focus and explore in more detail in an area they want to learn more about.
    Listed below is some important information regarding our Targeted Services programs. This information will also help you in deciding if our programs would be a good fit for your student.
    • Our programs are led by Coon Rapids Middle School teachers and are offered at no cost.
    • To join a program, a student may be recommended by a teacher or a counselor. A recommendation would be one that they feel will benefit the student.  A parent may also choose to enroll their student.
    • Programs typically start at the beginning of the school year; however, a student may join anytime throughout the year as long as there are still openings in the program.
    • A permission form is required to be filled out in order to join a program.  They are available in the Main Office.
    • A completed and signed form (both sides) must be returned to the main office.
    • Students accepted into the program must be able to commit to regular attendance.  Attendance is taken each time the program meets and is recorded.   Missing three days or less a trimester is acceptable; however, there are some exceptions:
      • If a student is going to be out for a vacation
      • If a student joins a school play
      • If a student joins a Community Education program
    • Long-term absences will be considered excused as long as the teacher of the program and the Main Office have both been notified before the absences occur.  Students will then rejoin their Targeted Services program upon completion of these other events.
    • If at any time a student decides to leave a program permanently, the student must notify both the teacher and the Main Office.
    • The same behavior expectations during the regular school day extends to our after school programs.  Good behavior is expected!
    • Activity buses are available after school at 4:10 and 5:10 for those that are a part of the busing transportation program.  Students will be dismissed from their program and given a pass to ride the buses home. Please note that the drop-off location may vary from their typical after school drop off location.  The office has this information readily available to assist the students.
    • If a program is canceled for a specific day, an announcement will be made at the end of the school day letting the students know of the cancellation.  Students are then expected to use their normal end of the school day routine.
    Check back for program-specific start time and dates for the Targeted Service program Offerings. 
    Program Descriptions
    AM Connections
    This program is for students at all grade levels that would benefit from academic support, positive team relationships, leadership skills, increased confidence self-esteem, and physical endurance.  The program includes a focus on reading or math support, critical life skills such as organization and time management, peer/adult relationships, and a focus on improved leadership ability, self-esteem, and physical endurance.  Through these whole group activities, the focus will be on diverse communications between students/ethnicities/social interactions and leadership/team building activities.
    Art Club
    This program is for students interested in Art at all grade levels that would benefit from academic support, positive team relationships, and increased confidence/self-esteem.  The content of this program is to provide extended Art opportunities.  This will be a project based club in which students will be given the opportunity to discover and learn about many art media and techniques.
    Essential Learning
    This program is for students at all grade levels at Coon Rapids Middle School that would benefit from additional academic assistance with the help of licensed teaching staff.  The program will assist students with the specific Standards or Essential Learning Outcome(s) they have yet to master, in order to meet with greater success in their regular schedule of daily core classes at their grade level.  There will be an added social/emotional component to this program for the students at the beginning of each hour.
    Fitness Club
    This program is for students at all grade levels at Coon Rapids Middle School with the goal of providing boys and girls a safe place to exercise and learn how to keep their bodies healthy.  We will also incorporate basic math skills as students track their progress.
    Girls Connections
    This is an inspiring program with the goal of developing successful, responsible and well-rounded young women. Each week, students will engage in an activity or an act of service that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of a middle school girl. Students will also learn valuable academic, social, and personal skills.  By participating in this group, students will make connections with other students, staff, and the larger community to help increase their comfort level at school and give them a sense of belonging.
    Tech Ed Club
    Book Club