• Unit 1 Fiction:

    I can...
    • write about story elements
    • explain how the characters change or respond as the plot moves toward the resolution
    • explain how an author develops the point-of-view of the narrator or speaker in a text
    • analyze how a short piece of literature impacts the whole piece 
    • determine the theme of a piece of literature
    • make logical inferences about a piece of literature
    • explain how textual evidence supports an analysis of literature
    • locate evidence to support an inference

    Unit 2 Non-fiction:

    I can...
    •  analyze how the writer has helped the reader understand the text.  How are the details of the text organized to support the central idea? (cause/effect, description, problem/solution, sequence/chronological, compare/contrast, question/answer
    • determine the main idea of an informational text and how it is conveyed through specific details
    • summarize the key supporting details and ideas without using personal opinions or judgments
    • determine an author's purpose or point of view in a text and explain how it is conveyed