The following information tells about "Independent Reading" to help your child be successful:


    1.  Make sure students are reading at least 2 hours a week outside of class! I do not have them track their minutes, but this will help them to keep up with reading a lot of books this year and building so many important reading skills!

    2.  Students keep a reading log in school based on their books read, and are required to complete "Independent Reading Assignments".  Their grade is determined by these and count towards 10% of their overall ELA grade.

    3.  Students are allowed to use technology to read and do work with.  When using their own devices, students are expected to use them appropriately and for school purposes, or else they will be taken away.

    4.  Students go to the school library every 3 weeks (books are available for downloading) and they may check out books from my classroom library.