• To Improve Comprehension:


    1.) VISUALIZE: Students need to make constant pictures in their heads of what they are reading. They can explain what they see, draw pictures, or act out things to let you know what they are picturing as they read.

    2.) QUESTION: Students need to look through a text before they read and come up with questions that they want to know about the reading. As they read, they should continue to ask questions of themselves, especially when they do not understand something. You should also ask them questions to see if they are understanding.

    3.) SUMMARIZE: Students need to stop and talk about what they read. This may be after a paragraph, a page, or several pages. They should be able to tell you the main idea of what they just read. It is very important that they stop and think about their reading.

    4. )  CONNECT:  Students need to make connections when they read.  There may be parts in their reading in which they are reminded of something in their personal lives, something from another text, or something in the world around them as they read.  These are important connections to make!


    5.) PREDICT:  Students should constantly be predicting as they read.  They should use what they know as they read to make good guesses of what they think will happen next in a story.  They can then see if their predictions are right or wrong and why.