Welcome to your 6th grade ELA class! "English Language Arts" (ELA) means that the very important skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are woven together as we work to practice and strengthen those skills in a longer block of 2 class periods. Using our Elements of Literature textbook and various other sources, we will read and analyze fiction and non-fiction pieces to practice many different reading skills.  We will use our writing skills to draft, revise, edit, and publish argumention and comparison essays . By studying and practicing word patterns, we will build our vocabulary skills.

    ***New this year: Each ELA student will have access to his/her own Chromebook! We will be utilizing a lot of technology this year! Many of our assignments will be on Google Classroom which can be accessed from home.

    In all of this, we will work hard, learning together. I believe that by strengthening your skills as a reader and a writer, you will be successful in all areas of school- this is our goal. Of course, I cannot do this alone- YOUR pledge to work hard is an important key to reaching our goal!