• Unit 6: Poetry
    I can...
    • determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text
    • analyze how a particular sentence, chapter, scene or stanza fits into the overall structure of a text
    Unit 7: Compare/Contrast
    I can...
    • compare and contrast literature in different forms of genres in how they deal with similar themes and topics (including those by an about Minnesota American Indians)
    • compare and contrast the informational texts of two authors in order to build knowledge of events (related to American Indians is possible)
    • write a compare/contrast essay about one author's presentation of events with that of another author
    • find evidence to support points of comparison
    • incorporate textual evidence into writing to support analysis, evaluations, and reflections.
    • compare and contrast written text to an audio or video presentation
    Unit 8: Multimedia Presentation
    I can...
    • present an informational speech
    • use descriptions, facts, and details to point out main ideas or themes (central ideas) in logical order.
    • use appropriate eye contact, volume,  and clear pronunciation.