• Admission Rep Visits to BHS Cafeteria During Lunch

    Cafeteria Visits:
    We have many college & military reps visiting our school during the lunch hour this year. Take advantage of these opportunities to find out about schools that interest you.  This is an excellent way to demonstrate interest in a college and learn more about your post-secondary options.
    Visits are also posted on the Naviance homepage in the lower right corner.  Be sure you add colleges you are interested in to your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list in Naviance--Naviance will automatically send you an email if any of your colleges on your list will be visiting BHS.

    Admission Rep Visits to BHS during School Day

    Some of the more popular colleges our BHS students apply to may visit the Career Center during the school day.  These visits are scheduled in advance and students need to sign-up in Naviance at least 2 days prior to the visit to attend.  A pass will be sent to your class during the scheduled time.  
    This allows you time to meet in a small group setting with the admission rep and learn more about the school as well as get answers to your questions.
    Naviance-Upcoming College Visits 
    Lunchroom visits, open houses, and college informational sessions are listed on the What's New page in Naviance.  Be sure you add colleges you are interested in to your college list in Naviance.  As visits are added, you will automatically receive an email from Naviance letting you know that a college on your list will be visiting.


    Career Center College Tours 
    Throughout the year the Career Center will host college tours during the school day.  If you see a college you are interested in touring, stop by the Career Center to pick up the permission form and sign up.  More information about each tour is available in the Career Center. The visits will be announced in our school announcements and eNews as well as posted in Naviance in the Upcoming College Visits section.
    College Open Houses/Information Nights
    Many colleges will offer an open house/information night for interested students.  Check out the admissions page of schools you are interested in to see if there is an open house scheduled.  Many Minnesota colleges hold informational sessions/tours targeted toward juniors during the October MEA break.
    Touring a College on Your Own
    If you and your parent(s) would like to tour a college on your own, you can call the admissions office to schedule a visit.  Questions to Ask an Admissions Rep handout are available in the Career Center. On many campuses, you can also schedule a class visit, eat in the cafeteria, or arrange an overnight stay in the dorms.
    Summer College Visits
    Many colleges offer preview days during the summer for high school students. Or you can schedule your own tour through the admissions office.  Check your weekly Career and College planning email in the Spring for a list of summer visit opportunities.  Summer is a great time to check out colleges but remember it will be a different feel than during the school year when there are more students and faculty on campus.