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    What is Bengal Pride? 
    At BHS, we want all students to feel connected, be involved, find academic success, and provide support/be supported by their peers! 
    Bengal Pride is a group of upperclassmen that aim to build community for all BHS staff and students with a focus on welcoming and mentoring freshmen during their first year of high school. Bengal Prider Leaders plan and execute Freshmen Orientation each August where incoming students learn about BHS, meet other students, and begin to make connections that will last throughout their high school experience. 
    Bengal Pride leaders also create events and partner with other organizations to unite our student body. We also work to help students find academic success through tutoring and mentorship.
    Want to know what it means to be a Bengal here at Blaine High School?
    Simple, ask a Bengal Pride Leader!  Though our primary goal is to make the transition for incoming students easy and welcoming here at Blaine High School, we also embody what it means to have Bengal pride. Our secondary goal is to establish a community within the school, a community that is welcoming, kind, and supportive. That is why our ongoing mantra for Bengal Pride is #ShareTheAwesome. 
    What is #ShareTheAwesome all about?
    We all know someone who has a personality that shines like the sun and attracts people. We love them, want to be with them, and aspire to be like them. People like this are people who share parts of themselves with the world and leave a mark on all of those who have been fortunate enough to share in their "awesomeness". That is what we stand for: sharing this inner awesome light so that those who are touched by the rays can carry it on. We can all help make Blaine High School, and the world, a better place by sharing what we do best with those around us. 

Become a Bengal Pride Leader!

  • Reisdorf & Plank

    Contact these AWESOME TEACHERS for more information on joining Bengal Pride!


    Ms. Reisdorf

    Room 153/English Office



    Mrs. Plank

    Room 151/English Office