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    Hello!  My name is Regan Skaare. I am the Health (HOSA) Internship Coordinator, HOSA Advisor and Health Science teacher at Blaine High School.  
    The Health Science courses include Medical Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Medical Terminology.   The Health Seminar course prepares HOSA students for competitions, fundraising and career and college readiness.  Students involved in the internship program will work with a local business for on the job training.  The Health Science courses and Internship programs allow for College Tech Prep Credits.
    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth. Together we can help your child achieve success! 
    To learn more about the Internship Programs at Blaine High School, please click on the following link. 
    Students involved in the Internship Program at Blaine High School may also apply for Genesys Works, click on the following link to learn more. 
    Regan Skaare
    Grades 10-12   Health Science
    Health (HOSA) Internship Coordinator
    HOSA Advisor 
    Blaine High School
    12555 University Avenue