• Emotional and behavioral supports


    School counselor

    Address academic achievement, personal/social development and career development of all students, not just those in need, by collaborating with students, parents, school staff and the community to ensure today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. School counselors are available at district middle and high schools


    School nurse

    Provide physical and mental health care, perform screenings and coordinate referrals to healthcare providers. They are qualified to administer psychotropic or psychiatric medications and provide mental health services. School nurses are often first identify the subtle signs that have been associated with emotional and behavioral concerns in children.


    School psychologist 

    Support students through administering, interpreting and integrating psychological and educational assessments to determine needs related to learning. Provide mental health, counseling and crisis management services that address needs at school and home to help students succeed academically, emotionally and socially. Collaborate with all stakeholders.


    School social worker

    Provide evidence-based social-emotional-behavioral interventions and mental health services to students and consultation to staff and administration. Bridge connections between home, school, and community to support students' success at school. Support students and families experiencing homelessness and out-of-home placements.


    School-based mental health therapist

    Work with families by addressing emotional, behavioral or social issues that may be interfering in a student’s ability to be successful in school, at home or in the community. Therapists meet with families to assess an appropriate level of intervention. A diagnostic assessment or treatment plan may be completed.

  • Counselor       

    Student alphabet

    Phone number

    Email address

    Diana Gulenchyn A-Cn 763-506-6527 Diana.Gulenchyn@ahschools.us
    Mary Boren Co-Ha 763-506-6525 Mary.Boren@ahschools.us  
    Sarah Bonin Hb-L 763-506-6521 Sarah.Bonin@ahschools.us
    Kassi Richels M-Q 763-506-6671 Kassandra.Richels@ahschools.us
    Tori Kezar R-Tq 763-506-6523 Tori.Kezar@ahschools.us
    Kristi Kalmoe-Smith Tr-Z & CEMS S-Z 763-506-6522 Kristine.KalmoeSmith@ahschools.us
    Allison Fjeld/Laura Weisbrich CEMS A-R 763-506-6529



    Support staff Position       Phone number Email address 
    Samantha Murlowski School psychologist  763-506-6538       Samantha.Murlowski@ahschools.us
    Heidi Geiss School social worker  763-506-6758    Heidi.Geiss@ahschools.us 
    Lyndsay Hananberg School social worker 763-506-6610 Lyndsay.Hananberg@ahschools.us 
    Cassidy Pohl   Student achievement advisor 763-506-6526 Cassidy.Pohl@ahschools.us
    Destiny Cummings   Student achievement advisor     763-506-6715   Destiny.Cummings@ahschools.us