Welcome and thank you for your support, and particularly for encouraging your son/daughter to continue their study of music. The investment of time, effort, and energy will produce lifelong dividends.  Evidence continues to focus on the arts (music) as a vital component in the positive growth of every child. For years we have pointed to the music students as those who have demonstrated a special talent. However, based on extended studies we now know it is the very process of music that develops the learning artistic mind and brings forth the creative potential in all young people. For this reason, continued membership in our musical family is strongly encouraged.  It is a privilege to have your son/daughter as a valued musician in our organization.

    We believe that music has a very positive effect on the lives of students (and their parents) and we encourage you to become as deeply involved as you can in the program.
    •We all need a place to express our emotions - Music allows us to do that.
    •We all need to feel that we belong to a group or a place or a set of values – Music organizations help us to do that.
    •We all need to learn to work together for a common goal and to trust each other – Musical ensembles help us to do that.
    •We all need to have enjoyment in our lives - playing Music is fun.

    The Blaine High School Band Program offers a performance based, comprehensive musical experience for students in grades 9–12. The BHS Band Program offers a wide variety of musical experiences to players of all levels of ability. Co-curricular activities are considered an extension and an enrichment of the classroom experience. The Blaine High School Band Program seeks to provide opportunities for each student to:

    • participate in large ensemble (band) performance experiences
    • foster and develop a life-long appreciation and understanding of music as a means of expression and communication

    •create, analyze, perform, and listen using a wide variety of musical styles and performance mediums
    • develop their individual musical potential
    • develop a positive self-image and a genuine love of music through performance   and classroom experiences.

    The Blaine High School Band Program offers many opportunities for students to explore musical performance and to gain a greater understanding of music as an art form. We require a great deal of effort and energy in the process. We have learned that excellence is its own reward and we do everything we can to create excellence in the classroom, in the concert hall, on the field, and in the lives of our students. 




    Mr. Bruce Olson

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