(Go to the following communication sites for information, details and meeting dates and times.)  

    Email: bengalbandboosters@gmail.com

    Website: www.blainebandboosters.org

    Please note, the link above leads to a page off of the Anoka-Hennepin website.
    It is not sponsored by the school or district in any fashion. 
    Facebook: Blaine Band Boosters 
    WHO ARE THE BAND BOOSTERS? The Blaine Band Boosters is an outside non-profit organization made up of parents or guardians of band students and other interested supporters of the Blaine Bands. If you’re a parent of a band student, we invite you to be a Blaine Band Booster! STAY IN THE LOOP. Sign up to be on our email list and we’ll keep you informed of meetings, schedule updates and other vital information. Send an email to our Boosters at: bengalbandboosters@gmail.com

    You can also stay connected through the Blaine Band Booster Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/142551795915631/

    WHAT DO THE BAND BOOSTERS DO? The Boosters’ mission is to promote, aid and financially assist the Blaine High School band program, its students, staff and parents by fostering responsibility, pride and excellence in musicianship in the students, by supporting the band directors’ vision, assisting the bands in their activities and shows, and promoting the bands’ involvement in our community.

    HOW DO I JOIN? Please check the space provided on the "Parent Response" form, that will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Otherwise, you are always invited and welcome to attend band booster meetings, which take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month---ALL YEAR LONG!

    The success of the band program at Blaine High School is due in no small part to the success of our Blaine Band Boosters. Behind every successful student organization stands a parent support group willing to serve the students and directors of that organization. You can make a difference simply by your presence. At a time when your child is making critical decisions about ethics, behavior, integrity and the future, it is important for you to be involved. Becoming active in the Blaine Band Boosters is an excellent way to stay involved.

    I am asked by parents, "What can I do to help?" Each parent has something to give. Expertise is needed in every possible area from making phone calls, sewing and word processing to accounting, legal and medical services. Our collective group of parents provides the tools of every trade. Many parents think that the sole purpose of a booster club is to raise funds. While that is a part of what they do, the main purpose is to create a partnership that connects students, parents and directors. The goals of this organization are as follows:
    •To promote parental understanding of student activities and opportunities as well as the purpose and objectives of the program.
    •To provide greater communication between parents, students and the band directors.
    •To promote music in the community through attendance of concert performances and public support of band activities.


    Schedules and classes are now in place and we are focused on a solid curriculum certain to make a difference in the life of every student in our music program. We would like to share some ways that you can help support our program.
    Encouraging Parent. Competence is the result of dedicated “time on task”. Music learning, music performance, and music appreciation are the outcomes of study, practice, and guided listening. With limited rehearsal time, it is imperative that students invest extra time in nurturing their talents and improving their skills. Please encourage a positive practice schedule. Remember that practice time must be framed as a benefit and not as a disciplinary penalty.

    Loyal, Appreciative Audience. The best audience is always parents. You are faced with a full agenda in your personal and professional life, and you are challenged to adjust your schedule to accommodate every school function. However, your presence at our performances will mean more to your son/daughter than words can describe. Music is a family affair. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your child’s talent.
    There are many ways to aid and participate in the Blaine Band Boosters. Please join with other parents who realize the far-reaching potential of the arts and take advantage of the synergy created by sharing a common educational philosophy. This organization ensures the future of quality music education at BHS. The music program at BHS continues to flourish because of a substantive curriculum, a well-informed and supportive administration, and exemplary parental support. You make a difference!! We would like each parent to commit to helping at one or two band events throughout the year. When many help, the bulk of the volunteering is not left to the few.