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    Members of the BHS band program are required to perform at 5 winter season events as part of the Trimester 2 & 3 Band course requirements. Rehearsals will occur during the normal band period class and the grade will be recorded as a performance grade during the Trimester 3 grading period. This year’s schedule includes 8 events between December and March. In addition to fulfilling course requirements, students will earn 3 points towards a band letter award. Students wishing to earn 5 points should plan to attend ALL events. Post-season tournament games are required of all band students, beginning with region finals (home or away). The post-season schedule will be announced as soon as it is known. Bus transportation will be provided for all “away” tournament events. One-half (.5) point per game will be awarded for additional tournament events. Students attending ALL 8 regular season events and ALL tournaments will be awarded 2 bonus letter points. Rehearsals will occur during the normal band period, rather than after school. Students who have attendance difficulties, due to other school sports participation, will be required to participate in a minimum of 4 events during the “regular” Pep Band season. Students may lose credit for the following reasons: 1) for not having their own pep music, 2) for refusing to sit in their section, 3) for eating &/or drinking, 4) for not following the director’s rules &/or requests.


                                        EVENT                         BHS vs:             REPORT TIME                          LOCATION       START

    DECEMBER      07         Boys Hockey                  Spring Lake Park 6:00-6:20pm (BHS Open)        Fogerty Arena     6:45pm

                          12         Girls Basketball              Osseo                6:20pm                                   BHS FH              6:45pm 

    JANUARY         11         Boys Basketball              Anoka               6:20pm                                   BHS FH               6:45pm

                          23         Girls Hockey                  Spring Lake Park 6:00-6:20pm (BHS Open)        Fogerty Arena     6:45pm 

                          30         Girls Basketball              Coon Rapids       6:20pm                                    BHS FH              6:45pm

    FEBRUARY       07         Girls Hockey                  Minnetonka        6:00-6:20pm (BHS Open)          Fogerty Arena     6:45pm

                          15         Boys Hockey                  Champlin Park    6:00-6:20pm (BHS Open)         Fogerty Arena      6:45pm

                          23         Boys Basketball              Centennial          6:20pm                                   BHS FH               6:45pm 



    Girls Hockey = February 21-24 @ Xcel Center

    Boys Hockey = March 7-10 @ Xcel Center

    Boys Basketball = March 21-24 @ Target Center

    Girls Basketball = March 13-17 @ Target Center

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