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    Boys Soccer App  



    The Blaine soccer season is from mid-August through mid-November. Students can participate for $240. Contact the activities office if the fee could be a barrier to participation. 
    Blaine Boys Soccer Philosophy:

    The Blaine High School Boys Soccer Program strives to assist our student-athletes learn the value honesty, discipline, patience, determination and maintaining a positive attitude.  Our players, staff will  commit to work for success of both team and individual goals, while being highly competitive, always doing our best and exhibiting exceptional  sportsmanship.  We also will foster an environment which enables our athletes to succeed both on and off the field and to have fun.


    It is also our philosophy that our student athletes are very important to our program and our school.  We want to be very clear that it is our position that FAMILY, FAITH, and ACADEMICS come before soccer.


    At Blaine, you are a student-athlete, and it is impossible to have soccer without school.  When student-athletes succeed in school, they carry themselves with increased self-esteem and pride.  Of course these qualities help student-athletes in many areas.


    During the fall high school season, soccer must take precedence over work, social life, and other sports in which you may be involved in different seasons, etc.


    It is vitally important that you understand that even though you may have commitments that are bigger than soccer, taking care of these commitments should not happen at the expense of soccer!  Balancing many commitments is an important life skill.  If student-athletes struggle in fulfilling any of their commitments, they should seek help from parents, teammates and coaches.  

    Together we can make this Blaine High School soccer season an outstanding experience for all!