• Leadership Team - LEO Club

    Want to help plan and lead projects throughout the year?  We need LOTS of help! Any grade student can be involved in leadership!

    LEO Club Leadership Team meetings days and times are to be determined.  To be part of this leadership team, we ask that you are able to attend most meetings.
    Contact Ms. Johnson if you are interested in being on the team! 
    • Behind the scenes organizers, researchers and more.  
    • Photographers.  
    • Artistic people to help with signs/banners.  
    • Dedicated students to hang and take down signs.
    • Video promos to put in announcements!
    • Help capturing and documenting impact/results.  
    • Secretary to take notes at meetings.  
    • Help to implement and carry out the SURVIVOR fundraiser - making it even better! 
    • Help writing and presenting at the Jefferson Awards Students in Action competition.


    Can't commit to the leadership team, but want to still help out and gain leadership skills?  Be an event leader!  You can do this once or often.  Any grade student as long as you are committed and can complete the tasks below.  Contact Ms. Johnson if you are interested! 
    • Depending on the opportunity, you would may need to help promote it to the full student body or to just the club - write announcements, organize banners, create flyers.
    • You would arrive at the event early to check in with the staff/contact at the event — find out details that you will need to know to assign jobs/direct the volunteers.  
    • You would have the list of volunteers and check them in.  
    • You would be the go-to for the event and resolve any issues that came up (shuffling for no–shows for example).  This will ensure that we are representing BHS in the best possible way! 
    • After the event, the leader will need take that group check in sheet and type the info (ID, grade, etc) into the excel spreadsheet that was sent to them from me…. And email it back to me.  
    • And you earn extra time for arriving earlier and any leadership work before and/or after the event.
    Directions will be provided.  It is an easy way help out and make a big difference…. and gain some great leadership skills!
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    Elizabeth (Liz) Johnson
    Office: Counseling Office
    Phone: 763-506-7112

    Office hours:

    Monday         7:00AM - 12:00PM
    Tuesday        7:00AM - 12:00PM
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    Thursday      7:00AM - 12:00PM
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