Youth Service is a voluntary action done by a student, which does not involve payment or is required for another activity or sport. It is an opportunity to provide a service and receive personal satisfaction from that service. You are helping someone or some group do something that they could not ordinarily do by themselves.

    Why do Youth Service?

    Colleges and Universities are using youth service as admissions criteria. It also helps boost your resume both for jobs and scholarships. At any point during the school year you can request your “Youth Service Transcript” by stopping by Counseling Office or email Ms. Johnson (liz.johnson@ahschools.us) and filling out the “Youth Service Transcript Request From”.

    Is it required?

    If you are in 9th or 12th grade this year you are required to complete five hours of Youth Service as part of your Civics (9) or Government and Politics (12) class. This requirement is 5% of your overall grade in that class.

    Examples of Youth Service-Does count

    • Volunteer to help at school activities.
    • Helping school personnel with special projects.
    • Church activities
    • Helping the elderly or handicapped.
    • Assistance with a city, county, or state government programs.
    • Assist volunteer organizations in our community.
    • Political involvement-assist a candidate run for office
    • Work on project for the needy, such as: food drive, food shelves 

    Not Youth Service - Doesn't count

    • Doing task for your family, including extended family.
    • Not receiving pay for work you would ordinarily get paid. Examples: regular babysitting job, helping at your work.
    • Working at your parents', friends' or family members' job or any for profit business.
    • Doing work for someone that doesn't need the help.


    As you do your Youth Service please complete the Verification of Hours Form. If you are completing the Youth Service hours as part of your class requirement please turn the form into your Social Studies teacher. All other forms can be turned into Mrs. Nelson in the Counseling Office. 

    Volunteer opportunities can be found on the CRHS Service google classroom.