• Lettering

    In order to letter in LEO Club, you must earn 30 hours of service, participate in at least 3 Leo Club projects/events, and be an active member of the club at the end of the school year demonstrated by missing 3 or fewer meetings.
    To earn hours:
    • On your hours verification form make sure you indicate "LEO Club" as your affiliation.  You must select one affiliation (it can not count for class and for LEO Club or count for National Honor Society and LEO Club).
    •  Every hour of youth service that you complete and you choose LEO Club for your affiliation counts as hour
    • 75%  LEO Club meetings.
    • You have until May 3, 2023 to meet the required hours.  
    • Decide how YOU will earn your letter. Volunteer when you want and for the type of activities that you want to do!
    Of course, you may always earn more than 30 hours also!
    See Ms. Johnson in the counseling office with any questions regarding lettering requirements.