• When applying to colleges, there are several types of application forms a school may use.
    The best way to ensure you are completing an application form that is accepted by your school is to open the application through the college's webpage.  Applications are most frequently found on the Admissions page of a college's site.  Be sure you are completing an undergraduate/freshmen application.

    The different types of applications are explained here.

    The Minnesota State Colleges (ex. ARCC, Mankato, ATC, St. Cloud) have a shared application.  Submit a completed app to your first school and then simply add other schools to your list.
    Many schools will give you a choice of app types.  For example, the University of MN-Twin Cities offers the Gopher App or the Common App.  Selecting one app over the other does not give you an advantage in the admissions process.  And when given a choice, you only need to submit ONE application--not both.
    The University of Minnesota has a Share My App option.  However, you must apply to UMTC first.  Once your app is complete you will receive an email from UMTC giving you the option to share your app with the other colleges.  If you apply to another UM school first and then want to share your app--you are not able to do so.
    When given a choice among apps--select the Common App if you are applying to 3 or more Common App schools.
    Every year there are students who complete the entire application only to find out that the college they are applying to does not accept that particular type of application.  Do your research and start your app from the college's webpage.