If you are applying to 3 or more schools that use the Common App OR if the Common App is your only application choice, then use the Common Application.

    Most students do not use the Common App, they apply directly to the college using the college's own application form.

    Once you complete the Common App, you will need to match it to Naviance.  


    Follow this link to view a video tutorial outling the matching steps.



    • Your transcript and letters of rec cannot be sent if your Common App is not matched in Naviance
    • Be sure you have selected Blaine HS in MN as your current school (there are other Blaine HS listed)
    • You must waive your FERPA rights in order to match the accounts
    • Your transcript and letter of rec requests are made in Naviance--NOT in Common App
    • Be sure you select Common App as your application type when entering the college name in the Colleges I'm Applying to section of Naviance
    • Even if you entered your coursework in Common App, most schools still want an official HS transcript sent
    • ACT/SAT scores are entered in Common App, but most schools require an official score report
    • Be sure to complete any supplemental sections your college may require in addition to the standard Common App material