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    Just so you know, my primary roles in life are husband and father. You will hear about Jen, Callum, Lily, and Soren in class. Then I am a reader and scholar, roles I play for myself because I am curious about others' thoughts and my own reactions. If I failed to do my own reading and thinking, why would you trust me in the classroom? Then I am a teacher and love doing what I do--even when I look crabby. I am also an aspiring writer, and I take time every day to add to my notebook. Finally, I am a gardener. These are the roles I have chosen to play for myself and the world. What are yours?
    I teach reading, questioning, thinking, and writing. There are no shortcuts to becoming excellent in these areas, and I don't think I do you any favors by reporting that your work is excellent when it is average. Still, underneath it all, I believe you can meet the expectations set for you in this class: read well, think analytically, and write excellent essays. 
    I also believe that you cannot learn from someone who doesn't care about and respect you as a person. I do my best to treat you as I would have Callum, Lily and Soren treated. Know that I see you as a person and not a grade. You are an identity, an attitude, a voice, a perspective, a thinker--a person--and you have value just because you do. Each day is a new day. You can be different than you were yesterday. You can and will grow. I will greet you each day with a clean slate and treat you the best I can. Your grade is one thing. My care for you as a person is another.
    The purpose of this class is, in fact, not to impress me, but to have high expectations for yourself and make those expectations into the excellent work you can do. I would not hold you to such a standard if I did not believe you could do it. I believe you can, so I expect excellence. 
    Do you expect it of yourself?
    Finally, I really and truly believe that I'm not doing my job if you aren't learning to do my job. In other words, the person who is doing the work is doing the learning. I will get out of your way as much as I can. I will hand the discussion over to you and invite you to drive the class. It's your education after all.
    If you are strong, I am strong.


    Nathan Schultz
    10th and 11th gradel/English