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Introducing the Parent Engage 360 podcast; discover what parents need to know about mental and chemical health, and other topics

Parent Engage 360 (06/12/20) Anoka-Hennepin is excited to introduce the Parent Engage 360 podcast series, where district and state experts will discuss parenting topics such as mental health, chemical health, internet safety and more.


In the first podcast episode, join Liz Burgard, Anoka-Hennepin Parent Involvement Coordinator, as she discusses mental health topics and parenting tips with Sue Abderholden, Executive Director of NAMI Minnesota, and Megan Lagasse, Anoka-Hennepin School Social Worker. In particular, discover what parents need to know about mental health, especially during COVID-19, i.e. warning signs, conversation starters, resources and ways to support their child.


New Parent Engage 360 podcast episodes will be released monthly. Check for the podcast series at PodBean, and soon, wherever you find your favorite podcasts.


Learn more about Anoka-Hennepin’s mental health programming by visiting the district’s student services website.