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    CEMS Program Information 

    Video of CEMS Program and Capstone Course - Thanks to Jake Pickett (2020 CEMS grad) for creating this video.  

    Video from a CEMS Student






    The Center for Engineering, Mathematics, and Science is a PLTW Distinguished School

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    The Center for Engineering, Mathematics and Science (CEMS) is a specialty/magnet program at Blaine High School. It offers students an opportunity to explore engineering and provides them a strong foundation in math and science. CEMS is part of the Northwest Suburban Integration School District and, thus, is an option for students in seven school districts in the northwest metro area.
    Skills Students Need for Successful Participation in CEMS:
    • Academic skills that are at or above grade level
    • Ability to work cooperatively with a group of students
    • Exceptional work habits
      • Good organization system
      • Good time management skills
      • Complete and turn in work on time
      • Seek extra help when needed
    • Strong interest in Math/Science
    • Basic computer skills
    If you have questions please contact the CEMS coordinator, Jenny Birkmeier, at 763-506-6641 or jennifer.birkmeier@ahschools.us

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