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    Week 7:
    Hello Cross Country family!
    I meant to get this out last night, so my apologies!
    1. In person school began today. Please see the attached locker room plan for Hybrid students. The key thing to note is that those who come from home will continue to come dressed and ready and won't have locker room access.
    2. Our meet Friday is at Treasured Haven Farm  53407 Government Rd, Rush City, MN 55069 Since this is a longer drive, I'm anticipating a few more athletes will be on the bus. As always, you must fill out this form if you intend to drive or ride with parents! Reminder-this is a B Hybrid day. B Hybrid students will have locker room access, everyone else must arrive ready! Boys will be dismissed from in-school classes at 1:45 to get ready for the meet and board the bus, which departs at 2:00pm; they race at 3:50. The girls' bus departs at 3:30; they race at 5:20.
    3. The conference championship next Wednesday at Bassett Creek Park only has one wave of 8 as well as 2 alternates. Those 8 are determined by the current season's best, since Friday's meet is too close together to conference for athletes to run both well.  These are our conference athletes:
    River Santiago
    Joshua Fike
    Gavin Kane
    Ben Lewis
    Isaac Sorvari
    Tyler Bargman
    Bradley Marleau
    Joey DeLaria
    Shalom Sulungaine
    Jordyn Lang
    Kelsey Huver
    Alyssa Blake
    Adriana Potts
    Elizabeth Warren
    Isabelle Scully
    Sakhi Gautam
    Grace Stauffacher
    Elena Que
    Mitchell Babineau
    Wilson Rabe
    4. The section meet date was announced on Sunday: Thursday, Oct 15. This is MEA. This meet will involve the top 6 athletes and 1 alternate. Those spots are still up for grabs for anyone who breaks into the top 7 between now and the end of NEXT week.
    5. Race times for conference and sections are not set yet, but we do know that boys are in the AM for both and girls are in the afternoon for both meets. Times for conference will be set very soon.
    6. This Saturday at 10am, there is an OPTIONAL practice at the conference meet site (Bassett Creek Park) for the runners who will be running or alternates at conference. This is because on the day of the meet, we will NOT have time to preview the course due to multiple heats with different teams with little time between. There is not a bus for this practice, which is why it is optional! Please consider driving your athlete, even if they often drive themselves. It is in Crystal and not quite as simple to drive to as some of our locations. This is why this is optional-I don't want anyone to feel obligated if you don't want your student driving there, since we aren't able to get a bus.
    7. Next week is still up in the air for JV runners, but they will race. We hope to have a more concrete plan in place by the end of this week!
    Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

    Week 5:
    Good morning!
    I hope you had a great weekend. This week we host a meet at Majestic Oaks Golf Course on Thursday! It should be fun, and as of now, the weather looks good. 
    1. I will be sending out information to volunteers later today. 
    2. There is no bus for our home meet, since the kids are not in school this week! Boys run at 3:50 and should arrive at Majestic by 2:50. Girls run at 5:20 and should arrive at 4:30. A reminder that athletes CANNOT come and watch the other gender unless they are my previously committed timers! Girls must stay in their cars and away from the course until 4:30 and boys must leave after the cool down. The same applies to parents of one athlete. This will be especially important at this week's meet since we once again have 3 teams as we have to keep our total spectator number under 250.
    3. Waves for the meet will be finalized later in the week! We have some injuries in the upper part of our JV boys squad that require flexibility and some last minute changes may happen.
    4. We will have concessions sold by Majestic Oaks at the meet on Thursday! They will be grilling and since they are a licensed food preparation company, everything will be safely packaged!
    5. I checked with the photographer from last week about what the timeline is for ordering information. He said that you should probably receive a message by the end of the week for ordering. If you did not initially sign up for ordering, you still can. Follow the directions that I sent out a couple times before.
    6. Great job to everyone at last Friday's meet! Results are here. We had a great meet but we couldn't quite beat Maple Grove. Boys only lost by 1 point and girls lost by 18 We have another chance to get them this week, at our home meet!
    It's going to be warm the next few days-stay hydrated! Thanks for reading and see you all soon.

    Week 4:
    Good evening Cross Country family,
    I hope you all had a great and restful Labor Day weekend! What a great weekend for running weather!
    This week will go fast, I know that! We practice at 3pm from now on, until MEA. 
    1. Please remember that the team google calendar has all dates that are scheduled to my knowledge. We do not know yet what the postseason will look like, so that is up in the air.
    2. Team Pictures are Thursday! I'm not sure what this will look like as of now, but EVERYONE needs to plan to take a picture that day, even if you are not planning to order! You need to arrive to practice in your uniform that day and can practice in that uniform if you don't want to take the time to change. To prepare for the online only ordering system, please  text PGCH35529 to the short phone number 90738.   
    3. This week's meet is Friday, at Elm Creek against Maple Grove. Parking is available by the chalet, the playground and the swimming pond. Please fill out this form (ONCE ONLY PER ATHLETE) if you plan to drive or ride with your parents. I added a response receipt, so hopefully that will help with the duplicate responses. Some of you submitted this week's form 3 or 4 times. Also, make sure you do fill out the form if you plan to drive. Last week, the buses waited for both boys and girls who had not filled out the form, but drove to the meet site. This affects other athletes because it limits our warmup time when the bus arrives late.
    4. For the meet, the girls run first at 3:50 and boys at 5:20. Girls who ride the bus will depart at 2:35pm from door 11 and the boys' bus will depart at 4:05 from door 11. Those who drive should be there at 2:55pm (girls) and 4:25pm (boys). our team camp area will be by the swimming pond.
    5. When we are at the meet, spectators (family or students or anyone else) cannot come in the team camp area or near the start or finish line. This is always our team policy, but it is more important now than ever. 
    6. Each athlete is allotted 2 spectators for the race. From the race director at MG:  
    Parents, As with any other race, we are asking that parents not come near to the camp area, start or finish as to limit exposure. Please just cheer along the course in a spot or two. Also parents need to wear a mask.

    Parents that want to spectate you can park at the chalet and walk into the northern lights, park at the beach and walk up, or park at the playground and walk into the ski trails from there. Also, if you come early, please either stay in your car or go for a walk or something away from the race course. DO NOT congregate or hang out by the race course please. The same goes for after the race, please go back to your car or go away from the race course as soon as your son/daughter is done. We need to limit our footprint but I do still want you to be able to watch the run part. We do not want to cause a scene. 
    Course map:

    7. Waves are still being solidified, but we are going with slightly larger waves for the boys, since that is a bigger team and there are only 2 teams total at this meet. I'm making some decisions on where the separation between waves falls, for both genders, based on who naturally races together. Here is the spreadsheet with the waves, still not final. Waves will be separated by 1 minute in this race, which is considerably different from last meet! Each meet might be different for waves.
    Watch for info early this week on our virtual 5k fundraiser! I'm just waiting on 1 edit on the t-shirt design, and the info will be set! 
    Thanks for reading, and see you out at Elm Creek!

    Week 3:
    Good evening,
    I hope you all had a great weekend. What beautiful weather! I had an amazing long run yesterday morning. I love weekend runs this time of year!
    This week is a pretty simple week, because we do not have any meets or any special events planned.
    1. Please remember that the optional apparel store closes TODAY. The link is here.
    Last year there were some athletes who thought their parents ordered, but ended up missing out. Please realize that if you do not get an order confirmation email, you have not placed an order. Due to the shortened season, we want to get this order processed as soon as possible!
    2. Practice this week is at 3pm Monday-Thursday.  Friday, practice is at 8am! Teachers are in workshops starting tomorrow. Teachers have a flex day Friday, so we can start later or may have already completed these hours. There is NO practice on Labor Day, Monday. Remember that our google calendar is embedded here. Please check that before you text me on Remind to ask when things are. The schedule is detailed and updated regularly. Make sure to stay hydrated this week as we transition to afternoon practices, and EAT LUNCH. :)
    3. I got a question this week that I wanted to clarify with the whole team. The fact that our district is choosing to start the year with secondary students in distance learning does not disqualify us from continuing with our season. The MSHSL has stated that if a district is REQUIRED to go to distance learning, due to the Covid rates in the county, they have to discontinue sports. But since our district chose that model despite lower statistics, we're ok to continue the season, even during DL.
    4. Team pictures will be done collage style (I don't know yet what this will look like) on Thursday, September 10th. There will not be one large team picture taken. Instead, EVERYONE will be required to take an individual picture in their uniform, and David Banks studio will create our picture from there. You can still order pictures, but that will be done online only. To get started on the ordering process, text PGCH35529 to the short phone number 90738.
    5. Meet results from Friday are available here. We had a fantastic first meet! The way the Conference schedule works this year, we scored the meet as duals amongst the three teams. I had a little too much fun getting all of the data in that spreadsheet and scoring all of the separate pairings, both varsity and JV. I sent the results to MN Milesplit (A CC and Track website), so those who are familiar with that-hopefully they will publish our results!! If not I will reformat somehow so that they can :) Since we have a dual meet with CP later this season, our dual with Centennial is what goes on the record for us from friday. Our boys won and girls lost. But what a great meet to start the season! We even had some lifetime PR (personal record) runs, in the first meet!
    6. I keep a spreadsheet called Season's Best each year. It will have each athlete's best time on one tab, ranked by time, and all times from the season on another tab, listed alphabetically. PLEASE tell me if your name is missing on the list! This Friday was the first time I published it this year (sent on Remind to athletes), and I hope I got you all! I update after each meet, so let me know if I miss any best times or enter your time incorrectly.
    7. If you have photos from meets or practices, please share them here. Also, feel free to check out the album and download pics of yourself/your athlete. There are already 343 photos in the album!
    Thanks for reading, and have a great week!
    Week 2:
    Good evening Cross Country family,
    Several important updates tonight for the week to come!
    1. The meet schedule was slightly adjusted tonight (of course, as soon as I thought it was relatively set!!) as the conference decided to alternate boys and girls racing first each week and pushed back the start times to keep athletes in school regularly. Please see the updated schedule here.
    2. The photo attached is the district's bus plan. We are allowed to have up to 34 individuals (all masked) on the bus at a time. Please see the photo attached for the diagram. To me it is still pretty tight quarters. According to Mr. Gerrety, the activities director, athletes ARE allowed to drive to meets (with parent permission) per the district's waiver during registration. Parents ARE allowed and encouraged to drive their athletes to and/or from the meet! This is a change from my usual message. I had NOT seen the bus diagram when we had our meeting last week, and I will be encouraging as many kids as possible to not ride the bus. Just being straightforward with you all!! 
    3. Our first meet is this coming Friday! Please fill out this form if you plan to drive yourself/your athlete to the meet. 
    4. The biggest change that happened this week is an increase in waves for each meet. This means that as long as we can get everyone to the meet, in terms of transportation, everyone can race! There are not many meets planned, so we're very excited about this change! Here are the tentative wave lists for Friday's meet. There are still some details being ironed out, but I believe we will have a 5th wave for boys with just Blaine runners, which is why that wave is bigger than the others. 
    5. It is going to be quite hot this week! Please make sure you are hydrating and eating well! Bring lots of water to practice!
    6. Friday morning we will depart on 2 buses (for those riding the bus) at separate times and return at separate times. Boys will depart at 7:45 and girls at 9:15. The meet is at Northwoods Park in Brooklyn Park. The address is in the schedule linked above! Each athlete is allotted ONLY TWO spectators for the race. Spectators for the boys race must leave after the completion of the boys race unless they also have a girl competing. This keeps our event under the maximum of 250 spectators total! A couple of weeks ago we thought there would be no spectators allowed, so I'm certainly grateful you all are able to come watch! Please bring a mask for any times you cannot socially distance yourself.
    7. Thanks to Isabelle, Hayden and Jack's families for providing snacks for the meet on Friday! Now that we know athletes should be able to run in every meet, please feel free to sign up for a snack providing date! You are also welcome to collaborate and share a snack date with another family. We currently have 25 girls and 45 boys on the team.
    8. I believe that is all I have for now. I did get a link for the apparel store on Thursday, but it was missing the personalization options. SO I am waiting for them to re-send the link once that is added. I sure hope it's tomorrow :)
    Week 1:
    Good afternoon,
    I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know some information for next week! For those who are new to the team-welcome! We are so excited to get to know you! There is a lot of information in this email, but please feel free to ask me questions as well. I can't promise I'll know the answers (this season is new territory!!) but I can promise I'll do my best to help you feel prepared.
    We will have a virtual parent/athlete meeting on Tuesday evening, Aug 18th at 7:00pm. Here is the link for the event.
    Practice next week is at 8am Monday-Friday. We will meet in the grassy area behind the school, near the cafeteria patio. Drop off/park at the North lot. Here is our Google Calendar. Please bookmark this and remember to check it throughout the season. Changes are very likely!!
    We will be placing athletes in pods when they arrive for week 1, but all athletes will start at 8am. I am creating pods with ability in mind, since they will be training with these individuals. New runners-if you have run cross country or track before, I would love some info on your previous times to help me guess where to place you. Please don't be shy-send me info if you have it!! The week 1 pods will also likely change after the Time Trial, which is Friday during practice. Once we set those pods with Time Trial results, they will stay for the season.
    Please see our "Return to Run" plan for details on expectations for Monday. EVERY ATHLETE is responsible for these expectations starting Monday.
    For the Time Trial Monday, here is the plan. This could change this week, but that's what I'm thinking for now. You will know your pods for this early this week. Spectators are allowed for the Time Trial, as long as they are socially distanced. We will be running on the track this year instead of out around the fields, due to the construction. 
    For practice, athletes need to come dressed to run and bring water and their mask, along with a small bag to stash these in. I am working with Mr. Gerrety on where to keep these items while we run. 
    The meet schedule is still getting finalized, and there is a strong possibility that athletes will not be able to run in every meet, due to restrictions of numbers. I have disabled the link sharing on the schedule until it is more set in stone.
    However, we will be allowing spectators at meets! This is a good and bad thing, because the reason spectators are allowed is because of the restriction of numbers running. So, being this is a very fluid situation, I'm not able to give any exact answers to who is racing when, and how many can come watch yet. Yesterday the MSHSL put out more information for Cross Country, but some of it doesn't coordinate with what our conference (Northwest Suburban Conference) planned last week, so more changes have to be made. Ugh what a process this is!! My brain has been completely overloaded for the last week and a half.
    Athletes: if you are not already in my app for Remind (team information and messages), please click this link to join. Parents, you can also join, but it is required for athletes. You can join with email or phone, but athletes must have notifications turned on somehow! 
    Well hopefully that is enough for today. Thanks for reading, and see you all soon!