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    Week 11:
    Happy sections week!
    We are all feeling a mix of emotions this week: excited, nervous, sad, relieved, your athlete may be feeling any combination of these. That’s normal and expected at the end of a an athletic season. Please help your athlete process these emotions and make sure they are eating and hydrating this week!
    There is no carbo load planned this week.
    Thursday is the section championship. We currently have no one signed up for snacks, unless someone told me verbally they would bring them and I forgot to enter it on the signup sheet.  I do feel like someone said they would sign up, but I don't remember who! Please let me know if you did, or if you are willing! We have 74 kids on the team and the easiest snacks are granola bars or fruit snacks but healthier options like real fruit and other natural things are great as well. 
    The meet is at Anoka HS and begins at 3:15 with Varsity Girls. All meet information is on my Meet Info page. This meet determines state qualifiers. The top 2 teams (boys and girls) qualify for the state meet. Then, the top 8 individuals who are not on those teams qualify as individuals. Next week, only those qualifiers and their training partners (varsity runners) will practice.
    I am attaching the sign up sheet for the end of season banquet which is Friday, Nov 9. Athletes will also receive a paper copy of this Monday, but this way you have it with the info after that is turned in. The banquet is a dress-up event. Dinner is $16.00, anyone who wants to come but cannot pay that can simply let me know and we will have a seat for you without the dinner. We would not want anyone to miss out on this fun evening due to cost, so please join us, with or without eating!
    Friday, after sections, we have our end of season meeting in the library at school at 2:45. Athletes should turn in CLEAN uniforms and their locker room locks that day. We will do several important things including voting for the official team awards and next year’s captains, completing a survey for the school, fun team awards given by captains, and speeches by seniors. We are usually done between 4 and 4:30.
    In last week's email I gave the wrong address for Tami Anderson. It should be as follows:
    For NXR Info, contact
    Patti Jacobson 763-744-8506 or jacobsonjere@comcast.net
    Tami Anderson 612-986-2675 or powertami@comcast.net
    It sounds like we have a fun group of kids already planning to head to the Nike Regional meet-join in if you are able! 
     Also-I once again am looking for a volunteer or a pair of volunteers for the section meet. The meet directors have asked for a Blaine parent (I always think this is better for a pair so you can cheer on your own athlete!) to help with controlling the course at the main intersection where athletes loop the first time around and finish on the second time around.
    AND if you have any photos to share, please add them to this Google Share and help yourself to any you find here. Lauren Kern is putting together a video slideshow for the banquet and the more fun shots she has (or videos) the better the slideshow turns out! 
    Thanks to those who have already uploaded, I love looking through these!
    Thanks for reading and see you on the course at Anoka on Thursday!

    Week 10:

    Good Morning,

    This week we have a unique schedule, so I'll start by outlining that:
    Monday 3pm practice
    Tuesday 3:45pm Time Trial at Greenhaven, vs. Anoka and CR (bus leaves at 2:30)
    Wednesday 3pm practice (Wacky Wednesday Dress Up Practice-appropriate please :)
    Thursday 9am practice @ Anoka High School
    Friday-off! Enjoy your long weekend!
    Tuesday's meet is a low pressure event. We will do our own timing and the race is a 3k. Some athletes will be using the race as a chance to nail down their pace for next week's section championship, and some will race for a 3k PR. Please check with your athlete Monday night so that you know what to expect. Spectators are very welcome, but we just want you to know what to expect! Also, any athletes who are even a little bit injured will not run Tuesday-we will save them for sections.
    All girls race at 3:45
    All boys race at 4:10
    The bus will return to school around 5pm, maybe 5:15.
    Wednesday practice time is 3pm even though students do not have school. Teachers are in workshops Wednesday for normal school hours.
    Thursday we will practice in the morning at Anoka HS. This is where our section championship will be held next week, and we'll do some race simulation speed work after a nice run on the trails. Many upperclassmen are available to give rides in the morning. Please make sure your athlete has a ride from either you or a teammate! 
    Friday through Sunday are off of practice. Athletes should run twice in those 3 days, on their own schedule. One run of 2-5 miles and one 3-7 miles. At this point in the season our athletes know where they should fall on that spectrum.
    Looking ahead, next week is the final week of our regular season. For our final meet, only the top 7 runners are varsity, and everyone else is JV. Varsity runners:
    Kelsey, Shalom, Steph, Isabelle, Brianna, Baylie, Adriana
    Nic, Tyler, Nathan S., Shane, Sergio, Jeremiah, Joey
    The day after sections we do our season closure meeting in the library at school: voting for captains and awards, turning in uniforms, end of season survey, etc. Athletes will need to wash their uniforms the night of sections so that they do not turn them in stinky. Thankfully, we get done relatively early at sections!
    The week of state, only state qualifiers are required to practice. Those who normally train with them are invited and encouraged to come and run as well. No JV runners will practice.
    Finally, anyone planning or wanting to attend the Nike Heartland Regional Meet that occurs a week after state (NXR-not an official team event, completely optional and extra cost is involved) please make sure that Patti and/or Tami have your information! Here is their cell phone and email contact:
    Patti Jacobson 763-744-8506 or jacobsonjere@comcast.net
    Tami Anderson 612-986-2675 or powertami@comcast.com
    It sounds like we will have a pretty good sized group so I'm excited to see how that goes!
    Thanks for reading and see you on the course!


    Week 9:

    It’s conference week!
    Our conference championship is set for Wednesday at Elk River Golf Club. The first race is varsity boys at 3:15. The full info is posted on our website. Please remember to preserve the team tent as an area for only athletes and coaches, as addressed in my previous email.
    All-Conference and Honorable Mention are awarded on Wednesday. Top 28 runners in each gender  earn All-Conference and 29-42 are named Honorable Mention. There is an award ceremony at the end of the meet and we will stay for it.
    If we are rescheduled due to weather, the backup date is Thursday. I am personally going into the week considering that a 50/50 chance based on the forecast. We shall see!
    On that note, athletes should come prepared to run in the rain this week.
    We need to provide 1 adult worker (or 2 taking turns) for the NWSC Meet. Please let me know if you are available to help out! Usually it is just something like watching a turn to make sure no one cuts the course etc. If we have 2 parents (varsity and jv or boy and girl) then no one would be doing the job during their kid's race :)
    There is a team carbo load at Nate Aamodt’s house on Tuesday after practice! The address is: 1904 141st Lane NE Ham Lake, MN
    Aamodts and Lewis’ are working on the meal and would like volunteers to bring desserts again. Please let me know if you are able! Store bought or homemade are both ok!
    Team pictures are scheduled for Friday. Athletes need to come with their uniforms and also with practice clothes. Order forms will go home Monday. All athletes will be in the team picture. Those who choose to order will also take an individual picture or groups can also take buddy pictures. 
    Next week is a short school week. Our practice schedule is:
    Monday 10/15 3pm regular
    Tuesday 10/16 Time Trial at Greenhaven GC, 4pm start (info forthcoming)
    Wednesday 10/17 3pm regular (teachers are in school this day)
    Thursday 10/18 9am practice at Anoka HS-preview section course
    Friday OFF
    Please plan to be around until Thursday morning if you are heading out of town. This is a very crucial point in our season and we need all athletes to be committed to being present through the end of the season. These practices have been on our google calendar since spring or summer and they are not optional.
    I don't know about you, but I am pumped for our conference meet on Wednesday, rain or shine! I can't wait to see how these kids run.
    Thanks for reading, and see you on the course!

    Week 8:
    Wow, I can't believe I just typed week 8...where does the time go??
    Meets last week went great! We had several new best times again and a fun time at both Osseo and Griak. Thanks to everyone who has been out at meets cheering on the kids! Results are linked on my results page:
    This week we have no meets! A good week for recovery and training. Athletes may have split workouts this week based on what meet they ran last week.
    Team pictures will be scheduled soon. I always like to wait until the trees start to change so that we can get some awesome fall-ish pictures. I will send out a date as soon as it's confirmed. Athletes wear uniforms for pictures.
    Looking ahead to NWSC
    Our Varsity runners for conference will be: 
    Boys: Nic, Tyler, Nathan S., Sergio, Shane, Jeremiah, Joey, Noah, Bradley and Dylan
    Girls: Kelsey, Shalom, Steph, Isabelle, Baylie, Brianna, Jordyn, Adriana, Greta and Kayla
    For conference and following meets, I'd like to remind all family members about our team space policy. Parents and non-competitors should not be hanging out at the team tent. This is our team space (like a sideline or bench for other sports) and is only for athletes and coaches. (I always let this go for Milaca) Please remember that from arrival at the meet until the completion of the cool down is team time and parents will be able to talk to athletes after they complete cool down. I'm not saying you can't congratulate them on the race, but athletes need to stay with the team until after cool down. We have had some athletes drifting away and groups skipping cool down lately and we cannot keep doing that. Doing cool down right after the race will help ensure everyone properly completes cool down.
    We are ready for a very strong performance at Conference and Sections this month! I can't wait to see how everything pans out. Please make sure your athlete is fueling well with food and water. They need to be eating complete meals to feel strong while racing. NWSC is another hilly course, so we need all the energy we can get for these kids :) For planning purposes, info for NWSC will be on my website later today: 
    Thanks for reading and see you on the course!

    Week 7:

    What a weekend!

    The Milaca Mega Meet was a fantastic meet for our team. Although we had some medical situations, kids ran hard and had TONS of personal bests-both for the season and lifetime. The updated Season's Best spreadsheet shows how many kids ran new best times. I also added a column to show if they have surpassed their lifetime best. Keep in mind, road racing times are not the same as XC times because of the racing surface. 
    Thank you to everyone who provided food for the team!! It was a great buffet.
    No carbo load this week! We do have a busy week, so that's alright-we'll look forward to the next one before conference.
    Thursday is the meet at Osseo/Elm Creek Park Reserve. Info is on my Meet Information Page. Park by the playground, near the sand bottom pool. The meet begins with JV Girls at 4pm. Our top 10 runners, both boys and girls, will be coming with to practice at Elm Creek but won't be racing due to the Roy Griak Invite. Lineup will be altered from normal-please check with your athlete to verify what race they are running after we talk about it at practice today and tomorrow!
    Friday is a split practice. The 20 Griak runners will take a bus (departing 3:15pm and picking up Shalom) to the meet location to practice and familiarize with the course. We don't walk the course on the day of the meet because there are races all day. We will return sometime around 5:30 or 5:45. Non-Griak runners will start early, at 2:45 and have a short recovery run practice.
    Saturday is the Roy Griak Invite for our top 10 boys and girls. It is a huge meet and a ton of fun-similar to Milaca in some ways with music pumping and tons of teams. Athletes need to pack a lunch. There are college races in the morning, and we will depart at 8:30 to arrive in time to watch those. Athletes who are not racing are welcome to come and can sign up here. It will be another long but fun day. Our boys race in the Maroon division at 2:45 and Girls in Maroon at 3:35. Meet Website Note-they do charge admission for this meet! $10 entry fee for adults and $8 for students/youth/seniors (62 & above).
    After the official HS cross country season finishes (Nov 11), there is a regional meet put on by Nike that takes place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Last year we had a group of boys and 1 girl (go Isabelle!) who went and ran. This year, we'd love to see more participation, as it is a super fun experience! I'm not allowed to coach it, but Patti Jacobson (Nic's mom) and Tami Anderson (Tyler's mom) are working to organize the event for our team. If you are interested, please let those 2 guys know! It is a FAST and FLAT course that usually offers lots of PRs, which do count as your official XC best time. More info forthcoming.
    Thanks for reading, and see you on the course!

    Week 6:

    Hello again,

    Well we are officially at the halfway point in our season. Seems crazy, but it's true! We are also entering the busiest meet stretch of the seasons.
    This week we have concessions tonight for those who signed up (Thanks!! It should be fun!). Practice will be done a little early due to concessions. Here is the signup list again if you forgot what time: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13u3E0DeAaL2bckDbr-5CodmvhkhNkMYF6ptshxtQvjE/edit?usp=sharing
    Friday there is a tentative plan in the works for a carbo load-more info to follow, if this pans out!
    Saturday is the Milaca Mega Meet! I am attaching the Blaine Info for the Mega Meet. I don't want to print 75 copies of this when most of you will have your phones on hand, so I think it's most efficient to attach it with the email. Feel free to print if you prefer. The linked info contains race schedule, spectator info (including parking-don't come at the last minute!) as well as who is running each race. This meet is, according to their website, the largest single day high school cross country meet in the world. If you haven't been to it before, prepare to be amazed.
    Milaca Info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U-zJUQ-iH6gaEv6jQSS84y7hwcCsbFSQdaPBrU4yN74/edit?usp=sharing (I may add to or update this slightly during the week)
    Please note, as I sent out in Remind this weekend, that Milaca does not allow dogs at the meet. As much as I love dogs, I understand this, as they have had legal issues with dog bites. Please leave dogs at home for cross country meets-it is almost always the rule. And give your dogs a scratch behind the ears for me :)
    Please remember to sign up for a food item, if you haven't already!
    Contact Laura Schue with questions-her info is on the spreadsheet!
    We leave early for Milaca-the bus will pull out by 7:40am. Everyone should be there by 7:30, to load up. We will have a trailer, so if your athlete is hauling the food they bring, they can put it in the trailer. Otherwise, parents can deliver directly to the meet as well.
    Early note for next week-the top 10 boys and girls who run the Griak Invitational on the 29th will take a bus to the course for practice on the 28th. We will depart BHS at 3:15 and pick up at NMS at 3:20. The rest of the team will start EARLY that day, at about 2:45. Griak runners will return to the high school between 5:30 and 6pm on the 28th.
    Thanks for reading, and see you on the course!

    Good Evening Cross Country Family!

    Wow-this season is FLYING by already. I cannot believe it is week 5. This is one of 2 weeks we don't have a meet. Athletes who have been hurting will have a good opportunity to take a break from racing-please encourage them to talk to coaches about any injury.
    We had another great meet at Cambridge-Isanti on Friday. Results are up here:
    It was a big change in temperature from our last meet, but our team persevered and did very well. Thanks to Jacki and Troy Huver for providing snacks for the meet, the kids appreciated it!! 
    Our next meet is the Milaca Mega Meet on Saturday the 22nd. There is a team meal plan created by Laura Schue and Sandy DelCastillo. I am very grateful to these 2 for taking this on! It is great for each athlete to not have to pack a lunch (unless they have specific pre-race obsessions :) and keep it cold all day. Each athlete should sign up to bring something on this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C7C3RDvMZnDJ8qcm16eWaqR6gWlS1P2RMm4P2al5xBk/edit?usp=sharing
    Please direct all questions about food to Laura by call or text: 612-387-2994, email: lauraschue@gmail.com
    They would also like to have some parents to volunteer to help watch the food area throughout the day. We will be there from morning through around 3pm, so please contact Laura or Sandy if you are willing to help in this capacity. 
    Meet info for future meets, including a link to Milaca with race schedules, is here:  https://www.ahschools.us/Page/41009 I will announce who is racing in which race this week.
    I still need 5 athletes to sign up for Concessions. This is a fun team event and our only official Fundraiser this year. Please sign up and join us!
    I updated our season's best doc with the meet results from Friday. As always, let me know if you see an error.:
    Parents-please check with your child and make sure he/she is eating lunch every day. As runners, they NEED that fuel. It seems we have some athletes skipping or skimping on lunch. They will not feel up to running hard without fuel/energy! Thanks for your help in this matter!
    Thanks for reading and see you on the course!

    Happy Labor Day weekend! 
    The meet on Thursday was fantastic for the Bengals! Both boys and girls placed 2nd in the meet. Results are available here:  https://www.gopherstateevents.com/results/cc_rslts/cc_rslts.asp?sport=Cross-Country
    Choose ABC Early Bird from the drop down menu and then you can view boys and girls.

    I hope you are all having a great and restful Labor Day weekend. School starts on Tuesday. We will have practice at 3pm on ALL school days. Please remember that practice goes until 5pm most days. We will, rarely, be done sooner but the general end time is 5pm and athletes should plan on being there the whole time. Our team has had a major issue in terms of commitment this summer, and I am hoping that with school starting, we see an improvement in that area. Participating in a high school sport is a big commitment, but committing to your team is important. 
    Friday is our next meet and it takes place at Isanti Middle School, hosted by Cambridge-Isanti. Whenever I receive meet info ahead of a meet, I will post it here: https://www.ahschools.us/Page/41009 so that you can plan ahead. Cambridge-Isanti is already posted. They don't use a set time schedule, but the order of events is in the info posted. Varsity runners for Friday are:
    Nic Jacobson
    Tyler Anderson
    Nathan Smith
    Shane Blake
    Sergio Barreto-Espinoza
    Joey DeLaria
    Jeremiah Tomandl
    Noah Ranem
    Bradley Marleau

    Shalom Sulungaine
    Kelsey Huver
    Steph Lewis
    Jordyn Lang
    Baylie Heller
    Greta Bosley
    Adriana Potts
    Lauren Kern
    Claire Olson
    Everyone who hasn't raced yet will be running JV this week even if they ran varsity last year. Every meet has a different number of athletes in varsity and the season's best document will get updated following every meet to determine who fills those spots. We will have fierce competition for spots on varsity for both boys and girls this year, which is great for the strength our team but can be hard for individual athletes. I would remind everyone that we are a team first and athletes should support each other even when another teammate moves ahead of them.
    This Thursday after practice will be our first team dinner/carbo load of the season, hosted by the Schues (address will be given at practice). We are looking for a few kids to bring cookies/bars/brownies for dessert. If you would like to supply a dessert, just respond to this email to let me know. I'll send out a follow up email when I get a few responses so that everyone knows we're covered.
    A little ways out-we are signed up for concessions at Soccer on Monday, September 17th. We need volunteers to fill shifts! Concessions is a fun team bonding opportunity, everyone who works gets a free item, and we aren't doing traditional fundraising this year. Here is the signup: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13u3E0DeAaL2bckDbr-5CodmvhkhNkMYF6ptshxtQvjE/edit?usp=sharing
    We hope everyone has a great first week of school! It is an exciting and stressful time, and running can be a great stress reliever-we're lucky to have this team! 
    Thanks for reading, and see you on the course!


    Wow, week 3 already!

    We had a great weekend at our Team Camp. If you missed it this year, you'll definitely want to join us next year!
    If you use facebook, please LIKE our facebook page! There is an album up with pictures from camp as well as several fun videos. 
    Time Trial Results are now accessible without Anoka Hennepin login. Sorry for the error there-I was unable to correct it on my phone but I fixed it this morning when I got on the computer.
    This week's schedule moves to 3pm Monday-Wednesday because all coaches are back in school for workshops. Thursday is our meet at Anoka. The meet now starts at 8:30am with GIRLS and 9:10am for BOYS. The bus leaves at 7:15am and will probably return around 10:15am. Results will be posted at Gopher State Events' website.
    Friday is a morning practice (8am) because teachers don't have workshops! We do this to accommodate for weekend travel. Please plan on your athlete being at morning practice before leaving for the Labor Day weekend. We should be done by 9am!
    Our optional team apparel order is off and running. The apparel is available here:
    Team members should order the items labeled TeamWear. Parents or other fans can order from the items labeled FAN ITEMS. Thanks for respecting this plan! The captains did a great job picking out team items and they are only for team members.
    We have had lots of issues with athletes not arriving on time over the past 2 weeks. We want to be able to start on time every day so that we can get out at a reasonable time. When athletes are walking in after I have already started announcements, they are risking being uninformed about the schedule or what is going on that day and week. Please make sure your athletes are doing what they need to do to be on time. We have lots of upperclassmen runners who drive and can help if getting to practice is an issue.
    There is no practice over labor day weekend after Friday morning! Remember that our practice and meet schedule viewable is here.
    When athletes are absent, for any reason, they need to bring a note from a parent explaining the absence OR have a parent email me with the explanation. If your athlete has missed practice since joining the team, please make sure we receive your note to fill in the attendance spreadsheet! If an athlete has an unexcused or unaccounted for absence, they will sit out a meet.
    Thanks for reading, see you on the course!

    Hello Cross Country Parents and Athletes!
    Kids-please forward this to any parents who do not receive it. I would love to get email addresses for everyone, but they have not input team registration/parent info in the computer yet. If this is forwarded to you, please send me an email so that I can add you to my distribution list. I usually send an email out each week.
    This week we will have a lot going on! Athletes will receive uniforms for check out Wednesday and/or Thursday. Friday at practice time (8am) is our team time trial, where athletes will wear uniforms and race on BHS school grounds. On Friday, any parents who are available are welcome to come cheer on the athletes. We could also use a couple of parents to help direct runners on the course, and these volunteers could also cheer on runners each time they go by!
    Friday-Saturday is our team camp, as we have been talking about all of last week at practice. Registration is full! We especially have a LARGE group of boys. If there is a dad who is available to come with as an extra chaperone, we would appreciate the help. These are good kids, but it's a lot of them! :) We will have a brief meeting at the end of practice Wednesday or Thursday for those who are going to camp to make sure they understand what to expect. They will also receive a packing list that day. Team Camp departs 12pm (come having eaten lunch) and returns around 4:45 or 5pm Saturday.
    Our optional team apparel ordering store is ready for online orders. I will also have sample sizes this week for the athletes before practice, but the link is ready now: https://identitystores.com/Stores/StoreFront.aspx?StoreId=2724
    Each individual orders online and they are shipped to us at school all at once, labeled with names and ready to go.
    If you were unable to make the fall sports meeting a couple weeks ago, all of the docs I went through are here: 
    Our first real meet, at Anoka 8/30, was changed by the hosts from 10am to 9am. This is great, in my opinion. It seems to ALWAYS be scorching hot that week, so the earlier the better. Our bus will leave at 7:45am.
    Tomorrow is Freshman Orientation. All freshmen are excused from practice to go to the orientation. Have fun!
    Parents-please come introduce yourself to the coaches at a meet or after practice if you're new to the team! We look forward to getting to know our new athletes better and meeting all the new parents as well.
    Thanks for reading!
    See you on the course