• 2017 Captains
    2017 Captain Annie Steinmetz   
    Annie Steinmetz
    2017 Captain Ellen Mickelson
    Ellen Mickelson
    2017 Captain Michael Symanski    
    Michael Symanski 
    Ben Olson                                                  
    Ben Olson
    1. Why did you join Cross Country?
    I joined cross country in 7th grade because I have loved running since I was a kid. I had done just about every sport possible and running was my favorite.
    2. What is your favorite part of Cross Country?
    My favorite part about cross country would be how everybody can bond over a common goal and share experiences. I think that plays a huge role into the cohesiveness of the team and so many life long friendships being developed. 
    3. What is your favorite Cross Country memory?
    My favorite cross country moments would have to be anytime we are dancing or singing obnoxiously. Whether we are lip syncing, bus idoling or some good ole rap battles.
    4. What are your goals for this year?
    We have had some great improvements since I joined the team, and with some additions from last year, I think our bar should be set really high as a team. I think we have an opportunity to perform better than our program has saw in a long time. Individually, my goal would be to compete for a top 3 finish at the state meet.
    5. Why should kids join Cross Country?
    The running community is something special to be a part of. No other sports I competed in had such a friendly, welcoming environment. I have had so many great mentors along the way who have ultimately shaped me as a person today, and I believe everyone who joins will find the same.
    6. How has Cross Country impacted your life?
    Cross country has allowed me to meet some of my best life time friends, on top of that, I get to look forward to seeing them every day to do what we love.