Health 10

    Instructor:  Westin Satzinger                                                                                                               E-mail: Westin.Satzinger@ahschools.us

    DESCRIPTION:  Individual and Community Health is a required course that meets every day for one trimester.  Students will learn how to make healthy choices in the six priority areas identified by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  The units covered are Introduction to Health, CPR, Mental Health, Chemical Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle Disease, and Human Sexuality.  

    PREPARATION: Students need to bring a folder, notebook, and something to write with every day.

    EVALUATION:  Grades are weighed according to the following scale: 

    Summative Assessment (Final Test): 15%

    Assignments: 25%

    Projects: 25%

    Tests and Quizzes: 35%

    Late assignments will NOT be accepted ONE week after the initial due date and for each day something is late, points will be lost as determined by the individual point value of the assignment. Students will receive two participation points daily if they participate and follow classroom expectations. If absent, students lose both participation points and can make them up by completing a current event worksheet that is due within one week of the absence.  Tests also need to be made up within a week.  Extra credit opportunities will be offered on a limited basis, throughout the term.  Cheating in class is not allowed and students will be given a zero on the assignment/test they got caught cheating on.

    GRADING SCALE:   A=100%-90%, B=89%-80%, C=79%-70%, D=69%-60%, F=below 60%.  Grades are weighted (see above) and will be updated regularly through Synergy.  Please note that participation points will be added at midterm time and again at the end of each trimester.

    MAKE UP POLICY: Students need to contact Mr. Satzinger and organize a time that works.

    TARDIES: Students need to get to class on time, when they are late they will lose one participation point but can make it up by staying a minute after the bell.  On their 5th tardy, a parent contact will be made and any tardies thereafter, detention will be assigned.  

    ELECTRONICS:  Students can only use electronics in class with permission.  If they are using electronics without permission: 1st time-lose one participation point, 2nd time-lose both daily points, 3rd time-send the electronic to the house office.

    WHAT’S NEW IN HEALTH?   All students taking Health have the opportunity to participate in a Health Screening and also to get certified in CPR.  There will be more information to come.  

    “No other knowledge is more crucial, than knowledge about health.  Without it no life goal can be successfully achieved.”                                    -The Carnegie Foundation

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