• Equipment

    • Selecting and maintaining the proper equipment is critical to successful ski racing.  Selecting a race boot that an athlete cannot flex can be as detrimental as using a poorly tuned recreational ski.  In addition, there is no "one size fits all" solution for athletes.  What works well for one athlete may not be the correct solution for another.  That said, some general guidelines and tips to selecting equipment can be found here and in our Equipment Buying Guide.  If you have equipment questions, you may always contact one of our coaches.

      Athletes need to secure the following equipment: 

      Required (required to participate per MSHSL rules)

      • Alpine race helmet (must meet current FIS specifications)
      • Chin bar

      Strongly Recommended (ie. required to be successful)

      • Slalom race skis and bindings (see Equipment Buying Guide)
      • Ski boots (see Equipment Buying Guide)
      • Poles with hand guards
      • Shin guards
      • Warm winter outdoor clothing (layering is best)
      • Googles (clear lens is generally preferred for most night skiing conditions)


      • Padded race suit/GS suit  


      • Basic ski tuning supplies (edge tuning system, wax, iron, scraper, etc.)
      • Mouthguard


      Pre-Season Tent Sales:  New and used race equipment can be found at a deep discount from local retailers during pre-season sales, generally held in early- to mid-September.

      Ski Swaps:  Used race equipment is available on select weekends during September and October.  Buck Hill Ski Team, Team Afton, Team Gilboa are a few that hold swaps.

      Local Retailers:  If you miss the pre-season tent sales, most local retailers offer Edina Alpine a standing discount on regular priced items.  Check with your local shop for the best pricing.

      On-line Retailers:  Some good values can be found online.  However, you generally must know specifics about what you are purchasing; size, etc.  In many cases, it may be more advantageous to shop locally.  Beware of Special Makeup skis!  They look like the real thing, but they are not constructed the same.

      Team Mates:  Talk to your team mates; they may have used gear they are looking to sell.



      A number of local shops offer discounts on products and services to our athletes.  Make sure to mention you are with Edina Alpine when visiting these businesses.  The following is a list of local shops that specialize in ski race gear and services:




      Regular tuning is key to peak performance.   Skis should be waxed and edges checked (only sharpen if needed) prior to each competition.  The following videos offer some good basic pointers on ski tuning:

      How to Wax Skis (Basic)

      How to Sharpen Skis (Basic)