• Student Support during Online Learning 

    The School Counselors, Social Worker and College and Career Specialist will continue delivering academic, personal/social, and college/career services and programming to students and families remotely. 


    How do I connect with CRHS Student Supports? 

    School Counselors, the Social Worker and College & Career Specialist are available to connect with students and families remotely during office hours, Mon 1-3pm & Tue-Fri 9-11am & 1-3pm. 

    -Students may complete the Counselor/Social Worker Appointment Request Form. Counselors will send a Google Cal appointment to connect with students via Google Hangouts or via Phone.

    -To connect with the College & Careers Specialist please email, Ms Mitshulis directly or complete the Student Google Hangout Meeting Sign Up 

    -Parents may call to leave a message on their counselor’s VoiceMail, call the Google Voice number listed, or email their student’s counselor. 

    Student Support Contact Information is Listed on the School Website


    What resources are available during a Mental Health Emergency?

    Students/Parents may:

    Call 911

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

    Crisis Text Line: Text "MN" to 741741 for free confidential help

    See this overview document for Mental Health Crisis Contacts. 


    Are other partner providers continuing to provide support during school closure? 

    Yes. Headway (mental health), Canvas Health (crisis mental health/therapy) and Alexandra House (domestic and sexual abuse) will continue to offer services to our students and families. 

    No. Know the Truth (chemical health) is currently evaluating the situation and is not currently available for services. See this list of Community Chemical Health Services.


    What if families need access to resources during the school closure? 

    Contact Kristen Patton, school social worker <Kristen.Patton@ahschools.us> See this list of Community Resources during School Closure.


    How are things different while school is closed?

    Information regarding Testing (AP & ACT), PSEO, Credit Recovery (APEX, Night School, Summer School), College Planning, and Transcript Requests are all updated to align with the current school closure situation. We have moved all processes to an electronic format to continue services. 

    Please visit the CRHS Counseling Website for updated information about these processes. Direct questions to the School Counselor.  

    Students may continue to use Naviance for College & Career information and activities, and refer to the Career Center Google Site. Direct questions to the College & Careers Specialist, Ms Mitshulis <Brenda.Mitshulis@ahschools.us> or complete the Student Google Hangout Meeting Sign Up for help. 


    Who else may support me? 

    Intervention Paras continue to work remotely with students in which they are frequently in contact.

    Indian Ed and SAAs will continue communications with students and families remotely. 

    Attendance Secretaries continue to partner counselors/admin/teachers regarding student attendance.