• How to Request CIS, AP, PSEO, BMED and Articulated Credit

    STEP Classes

    The amount of college credit that can be earned depends upon the class(es) taken.  All of our other courses are articulated college credit so the college credits do not automatically appear on college transcripts.  Students create accounts through www.ctecreditmn.com . The student’s account will list all of the college credits they have earned while in high school.  When the student enrolls at a college they want to print off their record and give it to their advisor in order for credits to be entered on the college transcript.

    The following classes are concurrent enrollment classes with Anoka Technical College.  Therefore, if a student has completed one of these classes they will actually have a transcript and an account through Anoka Technical College:

    ·        Emergency Medical Careers

    ·        Nursing Assistant

    ·        Welding

    ·        Machine Technology II


    St. Cloud State University: College Algebra (3 credits) & College Biology (3 credits)

    1.       Go to the SCSU website and search S2S.         2. Choose S2S Student Resources link

    3.       Go to option to request transcripts                 OR go directly to:       http://www.stcloudstate.edu/srfs/transcripts/default.aspx 

    Students will need their Star ID in order to request transcripts.  Contact the help desk via email or call 877-466-6728.


    University of MN: College Intro to Literature (4 credits), College Writing (4 credits), College Algebra through Modeling (3 credits)

    Go to www.onestop.umn.edu and select “Grades and Transcripts”

    1.       You will need to log in to your “MyU: Academics” via the Quick Link at the right.

    2.       Select the “Grades” tab at the top to verify that your grades are complete and accurate.

    3.       Select the “Order Official Transcript” option at the bottom of the same screen and follow the prompts.

    4.       If you don’t know your University Internet ID and password, contact One Stop at 612-624-1111.


    AP Courses:

    You will need to log into your account in order to view your scores and to have them sent to your college.



    Articulated Credits:

    Coon Rapids High School offers a variety of classes that may qualify for articulated credit at some post-secondary institutions.



    Biomedical Classes:

    Project Lead the Way’s courses articulate with various post-secondary institutions.  Each year, these post-secondary institutions decide which course(s) are eligible for credit at their college.  They also choose a minimum course grade and minimum end-of-course assessment score will be required.  Please note that these scores can change yearly depending on national averages and curriculum changes.  Currently, the minimum class grade is 80% and the minimum end-of-course assessment score is 4.  You can read more about the college credit at www.mnpltw.org by selecting “Parents & Students”, then click on “College Credit.”

    Students are able to choose from two types of college credit.  The first is “Transcripted College Credit.”  This credit is applied directly to the individual students’ college transcript, so it is usually transferable to various colleges.  It costs $100 for 3 college credits.  Currently, St. Cloud State University (SCSU) offers this kind of credit for each of the Project Lead the Way – Biomedical courses offered at Coon Rapids High School.  To apply and pay for this credit option, complete the accompanying form.  Because the “School Verification” area has already been completed, you may send this form along with your payment straight to St. Cloud State University.  Please note: SCSU typically offers free college credits for students who can verify their Free/Reduced Lunch eligibility.  If this applies to you, send in a copy of your Eligibility Letter with your form to SCSU.  If you no longer have a copy of this letter, email Anoka-Hennepin’s Child Nutrition Department to request a copy: cnp.enrollment@anoka.k12.mn.us 

    The second type credit option is “Articulated College Credit.”  Articulated College Credits are created by formal agreements between two or more educational entities to accept credits in transfer toward a specific academic program.  These credits are tracked through the website: www.ctecreditmn.com.  (Students need to create an account on this site and ‘enroll’ in their current biomed course, if they haven’t already.)  This credit option does not have a cost.  This credit is accepted at the specified articulated colleges (according to agreement).  College agreements are being added continually since Project Lead the Way’s Biomedical courses are quite new in Minnesota.  Other colleges that are not listed as having an articulation agreement may be willing to accept these credits but it is up to each individual college. 

    The main difference in these credit options is with transferability.  If a student knows they are going to attend a college that is “Articulated” with a specific high school course, then transcripting the credit isn’t necessary.  However, if a student is unsure, transcripting the credit would allow for the credits to transfer more readily. 


    PSEO Coursework:
    All transcripts from PSEO coursework are requested directly through the PSEO provider. Links are below for some common PSEO transcript request sites.