Welcome to Ms. Reisdorf's Classroom Website
    First, let me welcome you to my classroom website. My name is Sarah Reisdorf and this is my fourth year teaching at Blaine High School. I can assure you that your son or daughter is at a great school, with a great drive for excellence and success. I primarily teach regular 9th grade CEMS English along with a little bit of Television Journalism.
    When I am not in the classroom, you may find me cooking up a delicious meal that I just saw on the food network. You may also find me wrapped up in a sleeping bag under the stars camping. Or, you may find me at the gym training for a half marathon. Along with these hobbies, I enjoy reading and learning with a passion. This latter hobby is what has brought me to where I am today. I truly believe that education is the most valuable asset to any individual. Without it, we cannot advocate for ourselves, climb the ladder of success (whatever ladder it might be), or feel truly confidant in what we have to offer humanity and society. This is why I have chosen a profession in education. Though I wish every child loved to read as much as I do, I know that I may not get each child to convert into a zealous reader. However, I can encourage and teach students the value and essential need for education in their lives. Education is power. In my opinion, there is really no other way to put it.
       Due to sharing phones in the department, it is difficult to identify if I have a message. If you need prompt contact, emailing me is preferred and likely to get the quickest response. However, please call me if you would like to chat about your son or daughter. 
    Sarah Reisdorf
    9th English/CEMS/TV Journalism
    Blaine High School
    12555 University Ave NE Blaine MN 55434
    Outlook Email:  sarah.reisdorf@ahschools.us
     Gmail: sarah.reisdorf@ahschools.us